Armattan Japalura 3″ – Purple



About this product
The Japalura is a the latest addition to the Armattan micro-quadcopter line-up. This is a 130mm quadcopter frame designed for 3″ propellers and 1407 sized motors. The Japalura is a very versatile frame, with a full-sized camera mount that can take HS1177 cameras and a nice light AuW (Less than 200g without battery!). This is a tough and light frame that can take 20×20 or 30×30 flight controllers.
Frame Weight : 51g
Motor to Motor : 138mm
Frame Shape : Freestyle Bus
Bottom Plate Thickness : 3mm
Other CF Thicknerss : 1.5mm
Aluminum Parts : Aircraft Grade 6061
Motor Mount Pattern : 13xx
Center Stack Mount Pattern : 30.5mm or 20m
Max Center Stack Height : 28mm
Warrantied Parts : Top-to-bottom (all)
Kit Includes Japalura PDB


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