Armattan Bumper Frame (Blue)



About this product
Envision bumper cars. They’re speedy, durable, and tons of fun to crash with your friends. The Armattan Bumper is designed on similar principles. Using the proper material, a hydropic-nic foam, the Bumper’s bumper absorbs most impacts, reducing the shock to the electronics and Carbon Fiber chassis.
Coming in at 26g, this frame is made so light due to the spectacular foam sourced for this application. It’s origin is even tougher to explain than it is to break. It is harvested on the northern hills of the Rocky Mountains that cross the border of the USA and Canada. In fact, it grows only on the grand Douglas Fur, and only at an elevation between 600 and 600.873m above sea level. It’s not easy to fetch this stuff, so if we’re out of stock on a few colors, then that explains why. Seriously though, do you know how hard it is to find Red Foam-Fir’s at that altitude?
So stop breaking the bank (and your belongings) with huge quads and replacement, brushed motors. Take the plunge and build your new favorite indoor flyer today!
Weight : 26g
Motor to Motor : 92mm
Motor Mounting Patter : 11xx
Carbon Fiber Thickness : 1.5mm
1x Foam Frame
1x Carbon Fiber top-plate
1x Carbon Fiber bottom-plate
1x Carbon Fiber stack-cover
1x Foam gasket
4x nylon bolts
12x nylon nuts


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