Armattan Bobcat 4″ Hardware Set



About this product
Hardware set for the Armattan Bobcat 4″ FPV Frame Kit .
4 x M2 8mm cup-head bolt
2 x M3 12mm button-head bolt 12.9-grade steel
2 x M3 8mm button-head bolt 12.9 grade steel
8 x M2 6mm cup-head bolt
10 x M3 9mm button head bolt
10 x M3 sunk nuts
4 x M3 20mm bolts
8 x M3 nylon nuts
4 x M3 6mm nylon standoffs
4 x M2 18mm cup-head bolt
4 x M2 nylocks
4 x M2 nylon washer
2 x M2 metal washer


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