Antigravity 9×3 Carbon Fiber Prop Pair (white)



About this product
NEW High Quality Carbon Prop set for the DJI Phantom!
Looking for a High quality replacement propeller for you DJI Phantom or Phantom Vision? Look no further. These new AntiGravity Carbon props form T-Motor are some of the finest! These props are stronger and more ridged and far superior to the factory plastic propellers. The new 9×3 prop size was carefully selected to achieve the maximum thrust without loosing efficiency. Get a white and white orientation set or go all white for a sleek look. These props are sure to impress.
High quality carbon build. Use same materials and build as T-Motor’s famous Carbon Prop’s
white and white orientation set or all white set options
Designed for the DJI Phantom
Beautiful quality finish
Very Light weight only 5.7g vs. DJI 8045 prop at 6.2g
9×3 prop gives 52g more thrust with the same efficiency as the 8045
Perfect match to the T-Motor 2214-11 AntiGravity Motor Set
2x Carbon props – 1x CCW and 1x CW . (white props)
8mm to 5mm Metal reducers
2x Cloth drawstring carry pouch


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