Airbot Wraith32 Mini V2 BLHeli32 35A ESC



About this product
This is the V2 of the Wraith32 Mini ESC by Airbot. This ESC touts the same core specifications as the Wraith32 V2, but even smaller still! The Wraith series of ESCs use a 32bit MCU to take ESC performance to the next level with BLheli32 firmware. Capable of running at speeds up to 32Khz (running Dshot1200 or above) there is almost no latency between your flight controller and motor updates.
You may ask whats different compared to the Wraith32 V2, well this Mini has the core specs like BLHeli32, 32Bit MCU, and 2-6S support, but without any fancy add-ons like LED or current sensor to keep it as tiny and affordable as possible.
What is new with V2
More juicy capacitors!
32bit BLheli_32 ESC
Dshot1200 to 32KHz
Small and lightweight (10x25mm)
Incredible smooth performance
Auto motor timing support with adjustable brake force
2-6S Lipo support
35A continuous current
10mm x 25mm
Weight: 3.2g
1x Wraith32 ESC
1x 2200uf Capacitor


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