Aerofly RC7 Y-Adapter for GraupMX, Fut, FF9, Sp



About this product
Use for the following transmitters:
Graupner/JR: 3.5mm mono connector: MX-12, MX-16, MX-22, MC-24
Graupner/JR: (X-347, X-387, X-388, X-756, X-3810, 652, 8103, 6102/2610, 9X/9303, 10X
Futaba 3.5mm Mono-connector: 3PJ, T3PJ
Futaba: 4YF, 6EX, 7C/FF7, 9C/FF9, T8FG, T-12, FF-10, 14MZ
Spektrum: LPD5; DX-8; DX-5e; DX7; DX-6i; DX-10t; DX-18
Lama-transmitter (IKARUS)


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