3B-R 100 2″ Frame



About this product
This thing is tiny! Is 2″ is the new 3″? The 3B-R 100 Frame kit comes with a 2mm unibody made to fit 2″ propellers. Propeller guards are included for safety and also to protect your quad from minor collisions. Put on some 11xx motors and some 2″ props and fly this thing indoors or out!
High-quality 3k carbon and military grade epoxy mean you are getting an ultra-durable frame.
Brand name: 3B-R
Item name: 100 frame kit
Wheelbase: 100mm
Bottom plate: 2mm
Side plate: 1mm
Top plate: 1mm
Motor mounting axis distance: 100mm
Empty weight(without prop guards): 14g
Flying weight(without battery): 70g
3x CNC-machined metal pillar
1x Bottom plate(2mm)
2x Side plate(1mm)
1x Top plate(1mm)
4x Propeller Guards
2x Magic tape
User Manual


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