3B HOBBY 2408 1900kv POPO Training Motor



About this product
The 3B Hobby 2408 Training Motor features the latest POPO technology. The latest POPO shaft is equipped with a short pin on top, meant to reduce accidental presses. The shaft also comes threaded so it is backward compatible with props without POPO functionality.
New POPO shaft – short pin reduces accidental presses
Enhanced Bell – more durable than previous training motors
KV: 1900
Configuration: 12S14P
No.of Cells(Lipo): 6S
Stator Diameter: 24mm
Stator Length: 8mm
POPO Shaft: TSB-4-1075-S
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Motor Dimension (Dia.*Len): Φ28.7×32mm
Weight(g): 38g(Excluding Cable)
Wire Size: 18AWG 150mm
Recommend Propeller: 5-7’’
Recommend ESC: 40-50A
Frame Size: 250-280mm
1x 2408 POPO Motor
1x POPO shaft silicone washer
1x Aluminum nut M5
6x Round head hex socket screws M3*8


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