20 min. FINISH-CURE™ Epoxy + Hardener



About this product
Laminating and Finishing Epoxy.
FINISH-CURE™ 20 min. Epoxy is an equal two-part hobby adhesive that forms high strength bonds through a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. The cured epoxy is resistent to most chemicals.
FINISH-CURE™ is an excellent substitute for polyester finishing resins. It can be used for applying fiberglass cloth to wood or by itself to give wood a surface ready for primer and paint. NEVER apply in temperatures below 75℉.
For applaying lighter weight fiberglass, lay the cloth on the surface and brush FINISH-CURE™ through the cloth. For heavier cloth, apply the epoxy on the surface first, then brush FINISH-CURE™ through the cloth. Use a heat gun to accelarte the cure. Acetone and Isopropyl rubbing alcohol work as the best solvents for cleaning uncured epoxy from surfaces. FINISH-CURE™ can be sanded the easiest of all our epoxies. It works best for the sheeting of all but the largest of foam wings (apply FINISH-CURE™ to the wood and not to the foam). It is the best choice for applying cloth to the inside of epoxy fiberglass fuselages.
1x Epoxy
1x Hardener


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