2.4GHz A/V Receiver



About this product
A high quality 2.4GHz Receiver with Digital Channel Display. Includes 3′ RCA audio/video cable and standard 2.4GHz antenna. The antenna plugs in through a Female SMA connector, unlike the F-connectors on other generic receivers. Power supply included.
Supported Channels
Channel 0: 2430MHz
Channel 1: 2450MHz
Channel 2: 2470MHz
Channel 3: 2490MHz
Channel 4: 2510MHz
Channel 5: 2390MHz
Channel 6: 2370MHz
Channel 7: 2350MHz
Channel 8: 2330MHz
Channel 9: 2010MHz
Channel H: 2290MHz
Channel C: 2410MHz
Channel A: 2305MHz
Package Contents
1 x RCA A/V Cable
1 x 2.4GHz Male SMA whip Antenna
1 x 2.4GHz Receiver
1 x Barrel plug to pigtail for easy soldering
1 x Installation Manual


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