18650 2500mAh 35A High-Drain Battery (2pcs)



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These cells are some of the highest discharge rated 18650 batteries out there. These batteries are used for many applications, but in the drone world, they are a perfect fit for the Fatshark battery case , keeping your goggles powered for numerous flights.
The IMR 18650 features an IMR Li-ion chemistry, also known as Lithium-ion Manganese Oxide (LiMn2O4), which is popular for use in applications that require high-discharge currents. IMR batteries utilize a cathode made from Lithium Manganese Oxide, in a three-dimensional spinel structure that allows for improved ion flow. This results in lower internal cell resistance, which allows for expedited charging and for high-current discharging. While rechargeable IMR batteries offer a lower capacity than other Li-ion types, these cells are utilized specifically for use in high-drain devices and applications, such as within the power tool and medical device industries.
Chemistry: Hybrid IMR (more specifically Li[NiMnCo]O2 (H-NMC) / Graphite + SiO)
Max Continuous Discharging Curren t: 20A (35A Pulse)
Typical Capacity: 2500 mAh
Style: Flat top
Dimensions: 65.0 ± 0.2 mm (L) x 18.3 +0.2/-0.3 mm (D)
Weight: 43-48g
Discharge cut-off voltage: 2.0V
Voltage: 3.6V
Full Charge Voltage: 4.2V
Terminal: Flat-Top
Weight: 46g ea.
2x 18650 Batteries


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