110V 300W Portable Mini Heat Gun Tool – Hot Air Gun



About this product
This portable mini heat gun is very easy to use and is a perfect companion for any electronics tinkerer! Keep the nozzle about 5-6cm distance from your work, let it heat your object at a 45-degree angle until complete.
It is made of high-quality ABS plastic outside and stainless steel inside. The temperature can not be adjusted, but it can reach about 200°c/390°f within a few seconds!
This amazing tool is lightweight, simple, and durable!
It can be used to heat relief powder and a heat-shrink.
Keeping 3-5cm distance from work and about a 45-degree angle to heat until it is completed.
After completion, use the heat gun at high temperature to blow a few minutes.
It not only can add its hardness, but also its brightness.
The temperature can not adjustable, reaches 200 degrees within a few seconds.
Be careful when using it. Do not use over 10 minutes at a time, blow at a 45-degree angle to avoid heat suck.
Voltage:EU=220V US=110
Frequency: 50Hz
Plug: US/EU plug
Item Size:22.6*4.4cm/8.9*1.7″ (L*W)
Net Weight: 260g/9.2oz
1 x 110V 300W Portable Mini Heat Gun Tool – Hot Air Gun


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