1.3GHz 400mW Transmitter



About this product
If you are shipping to the US, you MUST choose the US version.
The case can be removed to make the TX lighter. The case functions as a heat sink so if removed you need to ensure you have good airflow to cool the TX.
Weight with case and antenna: 80g.
Weight with bare module and antenna: 48g.
Dimensions: with case – W 40mm x L 52mm x H 14mm, without case – W 25mm x L 50mm x H 8mm
12v operation. 0.7A
Package Contents
1.3GHz Tx 400mW
1x Antenna
1x AV Cable with RCA connectors
US Version 2 Channel
Channel d: 1258MHZ
Channel 9: 1280MHZ
Ex-US Version 9 Channel
Channel 4:1080MHz
Channel 5:1120MHz
Channel 6:1160MHz
Channel 7:1200MHz
Channel 8:1240MHz
Channel 9:1280MHz
Channel H:1320MHz
Channel C:1360MHz
Channel d:1258MHz


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