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Not having a website as a business is like willingly giving up customers and going broke. Nowadays it is anything but difficult to independently take care of the internet presence of your company.

With the help of the content management system WordPress, one of the most popular systems for website production, you can create a professional WordPress website even as a layman. How high are the prices for a WordPress website at a professional agency, you are probably asking yourself. The first part of the answer is: WordPress as a program itself is available to you completely free of charge. You can download the installation file at any time.

The second part is: Nevertheless, certain points can incur various costs for you as an entrepreneur, which you should take into account in advance. It is particularly important for you to take into account possible costs for every single step in the context of website creation with WordPress.

After reading this article, you will have all the information you need to get an idea of ​​the possible prices and running costs associated with your WordPress website.

So, after just a short read, find out…

… the important criteria when it comes to your WordPress website.

… which is the advantage of having the company website created professionally.

… how the costs could turn out.

… for which factors no flat-rate prices can be given.

WordPress website: the most important criteria

Before you can calculate any costs, you should first ask yourself what a modern website has to offer.

As your business card on the web, the website should be built on the foundation of SEO friendliness, functionality, design and content. On the one hand, it must of course support visitors in being able to view the services and offers of your company quickly and easily on all common end devices. On the other hand, technical aspects such as security, speed, a cleanly written code or compliance with the GDPR must also be given.

When it comes to making your WordPress website, the criteria are as follows The A and O:

1. Web Hosting and Domain Registration

First of all, you need to register the domain name and take care of the required virtual storage space for the website.

2. Download from WordPress

Now you can use the already programmed content management system free of charge download, which is immediately ready for you to use.

3. Design

WordPress gives you a choice of free theme to disposal. Since you want to use your website professionally, ready-made themes are also worth considering. These are already available at reasonable prices from 49 euros.

4. Functionality

The individual functions of your website can also be associated with costs. The functions and thus the associated prices can vary depending on the scope – contact form, booking calendar for events or events, connections to social media channels. The more extensive and demanding your requirements are, the higher the costs, of course. From free functions such as a contact form to cost-intensive, individual solutions, there is an infinite range.

That’s why you should have your WordPress website created professionally

Of course, how much you spend on a sweater depends on whether you want to buy it from Prada or H&M – and it’s the same with websites. For example, if you buy web design and website from a freelancer, you can often get away with it cheaper than with web design agencies.
Your special needs are also decisive for the amount of the costs. Do you need a specific solution exclusively for your company? Then you will probably have to contact a developer or programmer, which is more expensive than a web designer. The latter can design a homepage for you from his existing repertoire.

Imagine that you are responsible for designing the shop window of a clothing store. Of course, you set everything up neatly and clearly and, above all, in a way that arouses the attraction of the customer. You can also transfer this procedure to the production of your website. ‘Cause this is it flagship of your company and the first point of contact for interested parties – your products and services must therefore be prepared here in a customer-friendly manner.

In principle, WordPress is also suitable for creating a website yourself as a layperson if you have the necessary time reserves. Anyone who dares to do this does not necessarily have to calculate more than 100 euros a year.

However, if you want to be sure that you are really getting the most out of the advantages available in WordPress, it is well worth investing in a professional.

WordPress website prices: what to expect

As already explained at the beginning, costs depend on who you have your WordPress website created by. If you compare the prices and packages of various freelancers and web designers, you can generally assume the following cost items.

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  • Let set up by web space on your own server, as well as the initial installation of WordPress will cost you from €60 upwards with most web agencies.
  • Following this you will have to deal with the cost of setting one up Premium themes and adaptation to the corporate design of your company, from €200.
  • When creating the menu navigation and creating the menus, most web agencies charge around 120 €.
  • From €30 per plugin you can already get the installation and setup from many web agencies.

Additional factors, depending on individual needscan of course also entail costs.

  • The incorporation of Google Analytics amounts to an average of 30 € upwards.
  • Do you want under one relaunch’s Redirect your old URL, the fee here starts at 50€.
  • As far as setting up a backup is concerned, you can expect costs from €20 upwards.
  • Depending on the agency you will receive Page speed optimization from €60 ascending or as a package from 160€.
  • Do you need SEO support? On average you can expect around €60 per hour or as a package from €400.
  • Many agencies also offer you a one-year maintenance contract with regular updates from €200.
  • Your team should receive training and instruction in the system? Internet agencies already offer this from €60 per hour.

You can also get support from agencies when it comes to the content of your company website. Prices usually look like this:

  • The production of content pages or other content for your website will cost you around 50€ and increasing per page.
  • Expect a minimum of €30 to create one contact form.
  • Do you want an internet agency to set up an email address for you? The costs here are €20.

Additional requirements: These prices are individual

If you have more specific requirements regarding your WordPress site, the costs can be reduced in some areas due to their individual character don’t generalize. This applies to, among other things:

  • Connections to merchandise management systems
  • shop functionality
  • Payment methods such as Paypal without a shop
  • image editing
  • Web Hosting Support
  • Image research or photography
  • graphic design
  • Keyword research/ target audience
  • Installation of third-party tracking solutions
  • Hiring external copywriters
  • Online marketing measures
  • External SEO agencies that accompany the website creation
  • External graphic designers who provide specifications or create complete layouts

So which provider is worth a WordPress website?

If you want to be sure that your money is well invested, then the best place to go is the Web agency WPscaling raised up. WPscaling knows how to get the best out of the content management system WordPress for you and thus gain advantages over the competition in your interest. In addition, WPscaling attaches importance to the fact that your homepage is the complete total package features: attractiveness, GDPR compliance, SEO friendliness and usability on mobile devices. Plugins can also be installed directly with WPscaling. Another plus? The ones used Designs are already tested in advance, and therefore convince without a doubt in terms of SEO friendliness and conversion strength. You will also have a personal contact at the web agency WPscaling throughout the project.

How much does it cost you to create a WordPress site?

As can be seen from the text, the prices mentioned are only guide and starting prices. There is often still room for improvement, depending on who you work with and what your requirements actually are. In general, fees cannot be generalized so easily and can vary depending on your wishes.

If you take the average minimum that web agencies charge for their services, a professionally set up one starts WordPress website at around €800 netbut this is also the lowest level.
Basically, the larger your planned website and the more specific your design and feature requirements, the more expensive it will be for your company.