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Score with the optimal WordPress plugin

Many factors play an important role in modern e-commerce. Whether you sell goods or services on the Internet or want to present yourself and your company – WordPress is extremely flexible and thanks to the services of our WordPress agency you can use it optimally. What is important is the functionality of the theme and backend, which should be optimally adapted to your wishes and ideas. For this reason, as a WordPress agency, we program your personal WordPress plugin on request, which comprehensively covers your needs and requirements.

Plugins for WordPress — Flexible and Powerful

The blogging and CMS software WordPress can be easily extended using plugins. Thanks to the very flexible API and the corresponding interfaces, many functions can be easily implemented using a WordPress plugin. However, it requires an experienced programmer to optimally adapt a WordPress plugin to all eventualities. Finding a suitable WordPress plugin is extremely complex given the size of the selection and the often confusing structuring. WordPress plugins are available both free and paid. Various marketplaces on the web make the search easier, but do not help you if you encounter problems or difficulties with a plugin. After all, the optimal WordPress plugin should make your everyday work easier and improve the workflow on your website.

Extend WordPress with plugins

Even if WordPress natively offers many features and functions, the program cannot meet all wishes and requirements. The range of plugins that expand the functionality of WordPress with important and often required factors is correspondingly large. But before you get a WordPress plugin on the open market, you should consider a few factors. For one thing, you never know exactly who programmed such a WordPress plugin and whether the plugin code does not contain malware. In addition, not every WordPress plugin is compatible with other plugins, so problems can quickly arise here. Even when updating WordPress, you can end up with a shot-up website in the worst case. If the WordPress plugin is not compatible with your theme, there are also problems that often have to be laboriously fixed. After all, the programmer of the plugin is usually not responsible.

We program your WordPress plugin according to your specifications

It is much easier to have a WordPress plugin programmed as desired. While off-the-shelf plugins often do not exactly cover your needs or can slow down your website with too many functions, as a WordPress agency we offer you an individual and precisely tailored service. During our consultation, we evaluate exactly the demands and wishes that you place on a WordPress plugin for your website. Our programmers implement the WordPress plugin exactly according to your wishes and ensure that the plugin is optimally integrated into your theme and WordPress installation.


With a tailor-made WordPress plugin, all options are open to you!
– Patrick Schinkel – CEO Frontend GmbH

Our contacts are at your side

Regardless of whether you are in charge of a young start-up or an existing company: our advice
gives you the opportunity to get an impression of the possibilities of WordPress and ours
Get work as a WordPress agency. Do you want an exactly tailored WordPress
Plugin, our programmers ensure an optimal result. Of course we offer
comprehensive support and will help you with problems or updates
with the WordPress plugin quickly and reliably. In this way, your website remains a real highlight for
your visitors.

In Berlin.
In Prenzlberg.

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