Our etracker analytics plugin for WordPress

The etracker analytics plugin can be downloaded here.

If you use the “WP Rocket” plugin, an exception for etracker must be added. In WP Rocket, under “File Optimization” in the “Javascript Exceptions” field, paste the following:


Additional attributes can be added to the tracking code on the plugin’s configuration page.

This can be useful if, for example, the Ecommerce Grabber is to be activated or adjustments are to be made for a CMS system. If you want to enter several attributes, they must be entered separated by semicolons (;). Possible attributes would be e.g. e.g.:

  • data-ecommerce-grabber="true"
  • data-cookieconsent="ignore"
  • data-cmp-ab="1"

You can find an overview of all CMP systems and the corresponding attributes here.


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