Now you can easily find the best WordPress plugins

In our opinion, WordPress is the best content management system in the world and already offers many useful functions. Nevertheless, you need so-called plugins for certain functional extensions. Plugins are small programs that significantly increase the functionality of WordPress and can make your website even better.

There are now well over 50,000 plugins for WordPress. Even experienced WordPress veterans can quickly lose track of things. For this reason, we would like to show you in this blog post how you can find the best WordPress plugins and what you absolutely have to pay attention to when choosing the plugins.

Here we go!

Formulate clear requirements for the WordPress plugin

Before you start looking for a plugin, you should first clearly define what requirements the plugin must meet. It is best to write down the 5 most important functions and structure them according to their importance. This will make it easier for you to choose the right WordPress plugin later.

You should note that you do not necessarily need just one plugin that meets all the requirements. Plugins often complement each other and together cover the required functions.

But how do you find your way through the WordPress plugin jungle and find the best plugins for your website?

Here you will find the WordPress plugins

There are several ways to find new plugins for your website. First, you can use the plugin search at There you can choose from over 55,000 plugins. However, the large selection does not only offer advantages. The search for the perfect plugin can sometimes be very time-consuming.

In some cases, it makes more sense to use a Google search. There you can benefit directly from the experiences of the users and get a good overview of the plugins on offer.

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Or you can take a quick look at the “Popular Plugins” section at and browse the first two to three pages. Maybe you’re lucky and will find a suitable plugin after a short time. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you should use the standard WordPress search.

The matching plugins for the search term are displayed according to relevance.

You get an overview of the name, the description, the author and the number of installations. You can also see the compatible WordPress versions for the plugin there. Often you can already see which plugins might be suitable for you.

The next step is for you to compare the plugins. We’ll show you how.

WordPress plugin comparison

If you click on the plugin name, the plugin overview page opens. This page provides the information you need to compare each plugin. Among other things, you will find detailed information about the plugin itself, tips on how to use it and a list of the functions.

In the following we show you the most important criteria for the plugin comparison. You definitely have to consider these criteria if you want to find the best WordPress plugin for your website.


On the right side you will find the ratings for the plugin. On a scale from 1 (not at all satisfied) to 5 (very satisfied), users can give an overview of how satisfied they are with the plugin. The higher the ratings, the better the plugin is usually. However, pay attention to the number of reviews. As the number of reviews increases, so does the representativeness. A few ratings are of course less meaningful than many thousands.

It also makes sense to read user reviews. This way you can understand how the ratings come about and what the weaknesses or strengths of the plugin might be.

Screenshots of the plugin

For many plugins, you can find screenshots under the plugin description. Compared to customer reviews, screenshots have the advantage that you can quickly see whether you can handle the plugin or not. There are often screenshots of how the plugin looks in both the front and backend of your website. At the same time, you can get a feel for the functions with screenshots and see what possibilities the WordPress plugin offers you.

Conclusion: Finding WordPress plugins made easy

In order to find the right plugin for your WordPress website, it is important that you think carefully about which requirements it should meet. When searching for plugins, there are certain aspects that you should definitely pay attention to. Pay attention to the ratings and look at the screenshots. Additionally, take a look at the plugin support and FAQs to find the perfect plugin for you.

As you can see, finding the right plugin is not difficult, it is quite easy with a little time and our tips.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your interest.

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