NGG trade union demands protection for Ukrainians in the RE district

The basics for food: People who fled the war in Ukraine should have easier access to language courses, the NGG union is demanding. This is an important help to support refugees in their job search. Sectors such as the food industry and the hospitality industry could offer them career prospects – provided the companies adhere to fair wages and good working conditions. Photo: NGG | Alireza Khalili

NGG trade union calls for sustainable job prospects in the Recklinghausen district

Refugees from Ukraine: solidarity from the food and hospitality industry

Multicultural sectors | “No hostility towards people of Russian origin”

April 4, 2022 – NGG trade union – Solidarity with those seeking protection: Order the newsletter hereAnyone who fled the war in Ukraine and arrived in the Recklinghausen district should be able to rely on the support of employees and companies. This is what the Food, Enjoyment and Restaurants Union (NGG) demands. “From help with finding accommodation to private donations and job offers – when it comes to supporting the refugees, it’s not just the state that counts, but also civil society and business. People from a wide variety of cultures have always worked together in restaurants, food factories and bakeries in the Recklinghausen district. That is a strength when it comes to integrating those who come to us in increasing numbers,” says Martin Mura, Managing Director of the NGG Region Ruhrgebiet.

The union strongly condemns Putin’s war of aggression. “However, the actions of the ruler must not lead to hostilities against people of Russian origin. In the workplace, it is important to stand together now,” says Mura. He appeals to companies in the food and hospitality industry to give refugees who are already looking for work sustainable prospects. Instead of precarious positions such as mini-jobs, they should offer collectively agreed jobs with opportunities for advancement. “Many Ukrainians have a high level of education and work as skilled workers in their home country. They depend on good jobs, especially to feed their families in this emergency,” emphasizes Mura.

In addition, the state and municipalities are required. When it comes to providing affordable housing, additional school and daycare places and the recognition of Ukrainian professional qualifications, the state is crucial. “Fast and easier access to language courses is also important, so that people can make a fresh start in a foreign country. Nobody knows how long the war will last. But if the refugees can return to their country, they should remember the help here. To friendly and helpful colleagues, bosses and offices,” said the trade unionist.

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