NextGEN Gallery: 3 alternatives for WordPress

NextGEN Gallery: 3 alternatives for WordPress

If you want to create photo galleries in WordPress, you can either use the already integrated gallery function of WordPress or install a corresponding plugin for this.

There are already a variety of plugins on the market that allow you to create galleries and albums. The NextGEN Gallery is currently one of the big favorites.

Unfortunately, the Imagely plugin occasionally causes problems for many users. For this reason, are you perhaps also looking for a suitable alternative? In this article we will introduce you to three other useful providers from the photo segment.

What is NextGEN Gallery plugin for WordPress

NextGEN Gallery is one of the most popular plugins when it comes to photo galleries or albums in WordPress. The plugin has well over 900,000 active installations.

Despite its popularity and extensive features, user opinions vary widely. This is probably due to the fact that the plugin does not always run without complications.

3 alternatives: Envira Gallery, Modula, FooGallery

The 3 alternative photo gallery plugins presented include Envira Gallery, Modula and FooGallery. All three plugins are available in a free version. If you need additional functions in the respective gallery plugin, you have to use a premium version.

Envira Gallery

The photo gallery plugin Envira Gallery offers you numerous possibilities to create galleries in different ways. The easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface allows for quick photo gallery creation. Envira Gallery offers its users gallery templates, so-called “standalone” galleries, responsive galleries and a variety of additional add-ons such as e.g. B. for videos, WooCommerce, social media, watermarks and much more.

The free version Envira Photo Gallery Lite contains all the functions to create a simple and great photo gallery in WordPress.


Modula is a photo gallery plugin for WordPress that offers its users a convenient drag-and-drop interface and many other customization options for creating individual galleries. Images can be changed in height and width within a container with Modula. For advanced customization, advanced users can also customize via CSS.

Modula already offers very useful functions in the free version Modula Lite. So you can play with the grid functions, shading or the borders here.


FooGallery is another good NetGEN Gallery alternative. Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress offers responsive galleries in many different layouts. Images can be arranged within the gallery using drag-and-drop. Another useful feature of FooGallery is the integrated “lazy loading” which gently loads the images and galleries performance when the page is accessed.

It offers an album function in the free version, which makes it easier to create suitable galleries. The plugin offers you integrated gallery templates, hover and image effects as well as the integration of videos in galleries.

Recommendation: Envira Photo Gallery

In our opinion, the photo gallery plugin for WordPress “Envira Photo Gallery” is currently the best alternative to the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

Envira Photo Gallery offers you the following functions in WordPress:

  • Drag and drop editor
  • Gallery Templates
  • Galleries in responsive design
  • “Standalone” Galleries
  • lightbox
  • AddOns (Social Media. Album, Videos, Slideshow, WooCoomerce, Lightroom, Tags, Fullscreen, CSS, Downloads, Breadcrumbs, Zoom, Password, NextGEN Importer and much more)

What is special about the Envira Photo Gallery photo gallery plugin is that it is the fastest plugin in its category. That means it’s specially designed for fast loading of websites and its galleries. There is currently no other plugin of this type that can hold a candle to the Envira Gallery in terms of performance.


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Another highlight of Envira Photo Gallery is that it offers its users a NextGEN importer. So if you are currently still using the NextGEN plugin and would like to switch to the Envira Photo Gallery, you can easily import your galleries and albums.

If you want to create more than just a simple gallery with the Envira Photo Gallery, the premium versions are available in 4 price ranges.

Export NextGEN Gallery data – Here’s how!

We have already recommended the Envira Photo Gallery as an alternative to the NextGEN Gallery. This photo gallery plugin in particular offers you a direct import function. You can use this to easily transfer galleries and albums from the NextGEN Gallery to the Envira Gallery.

Unfortunately, not every plugin of this kind offers such a function, so that you can only import galleries and albums into a new plugin in a roundabout way. The WordPress Gallery Exporter is an export plugin that you can use to at least save your galleries and albums locally.

With the WordPress Gallery Exporter, data (galleries, albums) from NextGEN, Envira and the FooGallery can be saved locally on your computer. You can then upload these to your currently used photo gallery plugin. Unfortunately, this is not a real import/export solution, but a simple way of exchanging data in a small detour.


If you are looking for an alternative to the NextGEN Gallery, you have a suitable choice with the Envira, Modula and FooGallery plugins mentioned above. If you want to easily export your data from the NextGEN Gallery and use it with a new photo gallery plugin, we recommend the Envira Photo Gallery.

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