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OutlookAddressExtractor 2.20 32bit (10/13/2015)

OutlookAddressExtractor 64bit Freeware DownloadOutlookAddressExtractor 2.20 64bit (10/13/2015)

The Outlook® add-in, usable from Microsoft® Outlook® 2003, can be used to convert e-mail addresses from received e-mails (sender, recipient or CC recipient) or the complete address data from order e-mails, for example to read and to save in the Outlook contacts as new contact entries or as a text file.

The 64-bit variant of the add-in can only be used with Outlook® 2010 and newer 64-bit. The 32-bit version of the add-in must be used on 32-bit Windows® systems or 64-bit Windows® systems with a 32-bit Office package.

The stored contact data or the text file can thus be optimally used to send newsletters with the newsletter software SuperMailer, birthday e-mails with BirthdayMailer, follow-up e-mails with FollowUpMailer, serial faxes with SerialLetterAndFax or SMS with the SMS dispatch -Software to send SMSout.

The Outlook® add-in is freeware and can therefore be downloaded and installed free of charge. Like other freeware, no support is offered for the Outlook® add-in.

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