new URL shortening service only for WordPress users

A few days ago, the team led by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg launched its own short URL service, Oh no, not another link reducer, was my first thought. And what should be so special about There is a small but subtle difference to all other URL shortening services that I know. Because ​​does not work for any link, only for the URLs hosted on The advantages are obvious: much less spam, since the service is only available to a limited group of users (WordPress users). In addition, all ​​links should be constantly checked to avoid misuse.

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Unfortunately, the shortening service does not work on your own WordPress installations. It is currently not known whether this feature will be included in one of the upcoming release versions. In any case, users do not need to worry about the longevity of the mini-links created with the short URL service. As Matt Mullenweg writes on his blog, the service will exist as long as WordPress will exist.

Via: cnet

(Michael Friedrichs)



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