New hosting plans and pruning of “WordPress Free”

New hosting plans and pruning of “WordPress Free”

WordPress is the system that is most commonly used when choosing content management systems worldwide. There’s free WordPress, which anyone can download and install, and there’s a service that can be found at Everyone can create their free WordPress blog there. There are also paid offers with more memory, no advertising and your own domain.

There have been 5 subscription levels so far, from the free to 4 different premium levels. That has now changed – and it also affects existing users of a free WordPress blog. The old levels are a thing of the past, there is now a small “free” level, after which you can start directly with WordPress Pro for 15 euros per month.

The new free tier is in a worse position than before. The free plan didn’t include a custom domain and 3GB of storage, now there’s 500MB. Also new is a visitor limit. That didn’t exist before. A free blog may have 10,000 visitors, 100,000 the WordPress Pro.

According to the first reports, it will probably be the case that users in the Free and Pro tariffs can buy storage space and more possible visitors for “small” money. Actually, things that maybe you should have thought about beforehand.

Annoying for existing users: According to reports in the forums, WordPress has also cut them, i.e. they took away storage space. This is surprising, since WordPress has always taken the side of users with its free offers, has done a lot in the open source area, and also wanted to make it easy for people to publish. Hopefully you can still get the hang of it and it’s a bug. Typically, a company will not whittle legacy accounts without notice and a grace period.

Users who (want to) host their blog at should definitely keep an eye out for official announcements about how things will continue.

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