My Best WordPress Plugins (Part 3) Blogging WordPress Plugin

My Best WordPress Plugins (Part 3) Blogging WordPress Plugin

Welcome to the third part of my Evergreen WordPress Plugin Series. So far we have secured our WordPress installation and prepared it nicely for Google. When it comes to creating the content, little helpers can also help us. And this is exactly what this third part is about: My Favorite Blogging WordPress Plugins!

My Best WordPress Plugins

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Evergreens: The practical blogging WordPress plugin for the blog

Let’s go. How can we pimp our blog a little. Our goal is to engage the reader, make it easier for them to navigate the site and to introduce ourselves – as the author – and make us easily accessible. Let’s start with the last point…

WP Author Box Pro

WordPress Author Box - Blogging WordPress Plugin

At the bottom of you will find an author box. I use the WP Author Box here. The good thing is that not only can you introduce yourself here, you can also embed your recent articles, embed a contact and even HTML free fields for any information. The whole thing is also clear and easy to customize in terms of colors and shape. My clear recommendation.

Yet Another Related Article Plugin

WordPress---Yet-Another-Related-Posts-Plugin--YARPP----WordPress Plugins

YARPP automatically links “similar” articles at the bottom of a page. This is very beneficial for optimized internal linking. In addition, it offers the reader a great deal of added value. I’ve had the plugin running on many sites (and still use it on individual sites).

Easy Related Posts

WordPress---Easy-Related-Posts---WordPress Plugins

In principle, Easy Related Posts does exactly the same as YARPP. However, in my opinion, it is not quite as detailed adjustable. BUT it is optically better to optimize. And since I’m a “optically” thinking person, I currently prefer to use this good piece:

Post snippets

WordPress---Post Snippets---WordPress Plugins

This is one of my favorite plugins. You can easily create a text passage and set your own shortcode. Complete. You can then insert this snippet into the page using a shortcode. The big advantage: you can now make “global” changes by only editing the snippet. And whoops: All pages are adapted to the new preference in one go.

Table of Contents Plus

WordPress---Table-of-Contents-Plus---WordPress Plugins

The favorite plugin of many colleagues: it automatically creates the outline of a page with text anchors. These offer quick access to the text (like Wikipedia) and give the reader a kind of overview with additional navigation. Well solved: The structure is TOC+ generated and leads to the display of sitelinks below this search result! Note: I rarely use this plugin myself, because I think it’s nicer when a reader reads my articles from the top down and doesn’t jump around wildly. But that’s a matter of taste.

TinyMCE Advanced

WordPress---TinyMCE-Advanced---WordPress Plugins

This integrated TinyMCE editor from WordPress offers only a few functions for designing a post. TinyMCE Advanced extends the WordPress editor with the additional toolbar with important functions: tables, anchors, page breaks, horizontal lines, backgrounds, HTML and many more can now be integrated with a click.

contact 7

WordPress---Contact-Form-7---WordPress Plugins

Clear. At the end of the day, you want to get in touch with the reader – and above all with the customer. The Contact Form 7 plugin is particularly sociable. With this, contact forms can be perfectly embedded on any page or article via shortcode. The number of forms is not limited, the forms can contain different fields and even reply emails. And most importantly: Contact 7 is one of the most widely used plugins, so there are a variety of extensions from third-party developers, e.g. custom fields, caching, captcha, etc.

Shortcode Ultimate

WordPress---Shortcodes-Ultimate---WordPress Plugins

If you use a DI theme, you no longer need to worry about shortcodes, as everything is integrated in the chic page builder. However, if you use a different theme, you also want to add functions to your site as simply as possible. And this is where Shortcode Ultimate comes in. I’ve tested many plugins in this area (I think almost all of them) and this one offers a wealth of functionality – accordions, spoilers, buttons to sliders and more – which are all easily customizable and even easier to integrate into the site. in short. Definitely test it.


Palimm Palimm. These are my little helpers in daily blogging. Even more exciting for me is, of course, which plugins you use day in and day out. Please share your knowledge and experiences with us so that this list can keep getting longer and better. In this sense:

1. Please share your TOP plugins with us in the comments.
2. Please share this page with your friends so this page can continue to grow!

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