Multi-Cloud in 2022 – Why Visibility Matters

Multi-Cloud in 2022 – Why Visibility Matters

Network and cloud architects, engineers, programmers, and developers want to accelerate the digital and business transformation of their organizations—and their own careers. Businesses need to turn networking challenges into opportunities as more and more businesses embrace the cloud.

Bryan Ashley, VP Solutions Management at Aviatrix, describes the various aspects that go into making cloud adoption a success:

“It’s well known that cloud is transforming business, but cloud is also transforming itself as the industry continues to evolve at breakneck speed.

Across the industry, the #1 networking topic for 2022 is security, whether for single cloud, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud. Some of the biggest threats and most common security mistakes have the same root cause: cloud migration is creating a whole new environment with its own unique set of challenges, but too many organizations are trying to solve today’s security challenges with yesterday’s strategies. Also, too many organizations rely too heavily on their CSPs for security, which can be an expensive mistake.

Whether an organization is just beginning a public cloud migration or moving to a hybrid or multi-cloud solution in 2022, understanding this new environment provides an opportunity to review and improve network security. As our environment changes, our way of thinking must change as well.

It seems that one cloud is never enough, and the move towards multi-cloud will gain momentum in 2022. A very important goal of this series is to help network engineers and architects answer the inevitable question from the CEO: “What is your multi-cloud strategy?”

It covers best practices in setting up multi-cloud network environments to improve visibility, operations and security. Strategies are needed for choosing the right cloud for the right application when moving to multi-cloud and choosing the best architecture for hybrid network environments.

Other issues that need to be discussed are:

  • Cloud and Edge Computing in the Context of 5G: What’s Coming, Why It Matters, and How to Maximize Value?
  • AI/ML Opportunities in the Cloud
  • Why robotic process automation is moving to the cloud and how to manage the transition.

The question of professional development is also important for network specialists. This includes what certifications are most valuable for each career path, how professionals stay ahead of evolving industry demands, and how team leaders can bridge the growing skills gap.”

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