Move entire WordPress site. Super easy with All-in-One WP Migration

Backup a complete WordPress installation or move it to another location? Sounds like a lot of work. But it is usually not with the «All-in-One WP Migration» WordPress plugin.

I’ve been using the plugin for a while now and have never had (thanks Stephan, see comment) a problem that something didn’t work with the postponed WordPress installation. I’ve also used it to move websites to other domains.
And of course I use it almost every day to super easily reset my training and education installations on Poopy. Once I have set up a training installation of WordPress, I export it using the said plugin. After the training, I simply import the site again and reset the complete installation (including database, plugins…) to the original state. The convenient thing about it: The export is a single file (ZIP archive).

Export – Import – Done

  1. Install the All-in-One WP Migration plugin
  2. Export the website via «All-in-One WP Migration > Export». Keep the default settings here. In the free version you can simply save sites locally (file). For cash you get the option to export directly to cloud storage.

When importing, you proceed in practically the same way: “All-in-One WP Migration > Import” and import the previously exported site. After the import, you have to save the permalinks twice so that they are up-to-date again (two mouse clicks!). But the plugin will explain this to you directly when the time comes.

Move to another domain

If you want to move an entire installation to a different domain and/or hosting, export the site as described above. You install the plugin at the new location and you can import the entire site. If the domain changes, the plugin is intelligent enough to make the appropriate settings in WordPress.


The basic version is free. If you want to save to cloud storage, paid extensions are required. You will also be asked to pay if the website is larger than 512 MB. Manufacturer’s website