More privacy when surfing |  c't uplink 44.1

More privacy when surfing | c’t uplink 44.1

The GDPR should bring more data protection, but data collection and tracking continue happily. The cookie banners and consent systems get on the nerves of many users instead of ensuring more privacy on the internet. Small providers moan about complicated rules, while large Internet companies, thanks to their legal departments, try to exploit loopholes in the regulations. In addition, data protection authorities in different countries work on enforcement with different zeal.

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But as a user you are not helpless. On the one hand, the worst forms of data tapping are no longer permitted, on the other hand there are various technical aids to prevent data leakage. And how do the tools of Internet companies, such as Google VPN and Apple Private Relay, fit into this?

In the c’t uplink, c’t editor Dušan Živadinović explains how tracking works, which data is tapped at which point and how it is used. The Heise Medien legal advisor Joerg Heidrich classifies the legal situation and data protection obligations. Together with moderator Keywan Tonekaboni, they discuss which measures help against data collection and also reveal how they protect themselves personally.

Also present: Dušan Živadinović, Joerg Heidrich and Keywan Tonekaboni

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