Mobile Design for WordPress – These 3 Ways to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

A mobile optimized WordPress site is not an option, it is a must. In principle, this is not new knowledge, and yet we keep encountering websites that do not or only insufficiently meet these requirements. It is relatively easy with the CMS to present the user with an optimal mobile display, at least with the first two of our three options in today’s blog post…

3 ways to optimize WordPress site for mobile

Nobody wants to deal with a poorly or not at all mobile optimized site, neither search engines nor users. Result: The search engine moves the website down in the ranking, the users leave frustrated. Certainly not good prerequisites for a successful internet presentation.

To change that, WordPress offers the following 3 options for mobile optimization:

1. Use a responsive theme

Of course, it is best if you have decided on a responsive theme right from the start. But the change is also quite unproblematic, provided you adhere to the following requirements when making your choice:

range of functions

Does the responsive design offer all the functions required for the website? Which these are depends of course on the respective offer presented on the website. If you offer an online booking option or want to present extensive references, the theme should of course fit.


To what extent can the theme be individualised/adapted to one’s own wishes, e.g. fonts, colors and logo integration?


Does the responsive theme match the desired design, i.e. the goal of the website/the products/services or the requirements of the target group?

2. Use a plugin for mobile display

There are numerous plugins that you can use to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly with just a few clicks. Even if your site doesn’t have a responsive theme, it will be presented visually that way thanks to the plugins. This option is easier than switching to a responsive theme, but it can also lead to problems, e.g. affecting the functionality of other plugins. In addition, the plugin solution is usually difficult for very highly individualized WordPress websites or the integration of numerous, very extensive plugins.

The mobile optimization is made possible, for example, by the plugins WP Touch and Jetpack:


Plugin is the most popular, most used extension to optimize WordPress site for mobile. WPTouch is available in free and paid versions. The free one definitely meets all the requirements of a mobile site. The premium version also enables numerous individual adjustments. To download from WPTouch.

jet pack

This plugin is not a pure mobile plugin. Jetpack is one of the most comprehensive WordPress plugins, including functions for adding comments, social network links, widgets, shortcodes and a module called “Mobile Theme”. The page offers an optimal display for all screen sizes and is loaded quickly.

The advantage of Jetpack: You get several functions with one plugin (now more than 30), which can also be very useful. But: The large range of functions can also quickly lead to the page being unnecessarily bloated, which affects performance. So take a close look at the functions and think about what is actually required for proper functioning and comfortable use. Download Jetpack.

3. Manually customize the WordPress static site

The third option requires WordPress developer expertise. In this case, the WP code is individually adapted (including the images, the menu and the fonts) so that all content meets the requirements for optimal display on mobile devices.

General notes for mobile customization

In order to be able to go back to the old version in an emergency, you should definitely create a backup when changing the code manually. But this is also recommended for the other options – mobile-friendly adaptation via WordPress plugin or responsive theme.

Also important: Test, test, test. Either via the various mobile devices themselves or with special tools, e.g. with XRespond, Responsive Design Checker or the Mobile-Friendly Test from Google.

In addition, the loading time plays a major role in the optimal presentation on smartphones and the like. So make sure that in addition to the optics, the speed also plays a part. You can find tips on how to do this in our blog post Optimizing loading times.

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