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Maximum values ​​for WordPress hosting / php.ini settings / downloading large files – technology


Well I have a client at Stratö… :/

He’s a musician and has just released a small documentary that’s 3.2 GB in size and that he’s selling now.

The sale isn’t that often, but when it is, the customers have problems because they can’t finish loading the file via the WordPress UI.

The large zip file is not loaded completely and you have an unexpected end of the archive – i.e. broken unusable files.

Actually, I wanted to offer the MP4 directly for download, but Woocommerce doesn’t accept it.

There are workarounds, but I wanted to ask what the limits are at Netcup?

Otherwise I would come over to netcup with him ;)

Here is a php.ini that I took.

file_uploads = On

max_execution_time = 12000

post_max_size = 30000M

memory_limit = 512M

register_globals = Off

safe_mode = Off

upload_max_filesize = 35000M

session.gc_maxlifetime = 144000

session.cache_expire = 18000

With Stratö, this is already throttled to a ridiculous 64MB upload size, which is absolutely stupid.

What about Netcup?

Would it be possible to download such large files directly from Netcup via WordPress a few times a month, i.e. to have around 10-20GB of traffic?

Please for answers. :thumbup:

Warm greetings

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