Mainframe DevOps: BMC delivers industry-standard insights with DORA metrics

Mainframe DevOps: BMC delivers industry-standard insights with DORA metrics

BMC, a Houston, Texas-based Autonomous Digital Enterprise software provider, is now providing DORA metrics within its in-house KPI dashboard. DORA stands for DevOps Research and Assessment, and the dashboard within BMC Compuware zAdviser is designed to provide insights that help mainframe development teams integrate with cloud environments.

Industry-standard metrics like DORA metrics are designed to help mainframe devops teams make informed decisions, according to the vendor. According to Katie Norton, senior research analyst at IDC, this should measure DevOps metrics for mainframe and increase the speed of deployment in the cloud through automation.

According to BMC, the zAdviser KPI dashboard for DORA metrics provides objective data to measure the performance of mainframe software development teams. Among other things, the frequency of provision, the lead time for changes, a mean recovery time (MTTR) and the error rate for changes can be understood and, according to the information in the company blog, readjusted. The DevOps teams themselves can therefore use DORA metrics to assess their own performance and to rank low and high performance.

BMC has also added automated webhook notifications for diagnostics and root cause analysis, which should allow errors to be resolved more quickly in testing and production. The updates are intended to provide improved uptime for existing applications and faster troubleshooting, especially for new features.

Also new is the certificate management with software integration from Venafi, which is intended to ensure authorized access to mainframe applications. Certificate-related failures should thus be avoided, and according to the provider, the automation of the processes leads to an acceleration of the life cycle of keys and certificates.

For more information, see the BMC release blog post. BMC provides an eBook on the DORA metrics, and further information can also be found in the Autonomous Digital Enterprise section. Heise, in particular the iX, also offers insights into the mainframe in a series of interviews and articles:

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