Login and navigation in the backend

Login and navigation in the backend

If you’re already familiar with the admin bar, customizer, and dashboard, skip this section.

Login to your own CMS instance

To log into a CMS instance, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the URL of your website followed by “wp-admin/”. (e.g. https://muster-lehrstuhl.wordpress.rrze.fau.de/wp-admin/).
  2. Select the appropriate IdM provider. (e.g. FAU)
  3. The Single Sign-On login page opens
  4. Log in with your IdM ID and the corresponding password.
  5. We are redirected to the dashboard of the CMS instance.

    The screenshot shows the dashboard highlighted over the menu areasThe dashboard

  6. You are logged in!

If no admin bar is visible on a content page after logging in, reload the page while holding the left shift key to clear the page’s cache.

A notice!

If you do not have permission to access the selected website, please contact the webmaster of the website so that he can grant you the rights.
The webmaster can be seen in the imprint of the page.

admin bar

The admin bar displays useful shortcuts.
The most important buttons are the speedometer for navigating to the dashboard if you are on a content page. The shortcut Customize and Edit Page.

Admin bar in the dashboardAdmin bar in the dashboardAdmin bar when calling up a content pageShortcut to creation in the admin menuQuickaccess menu for creating content


The dashboard gives access to all important functions on the website. The menu on the left gives quick access to all the basic functions. Active plugins can add functionality to the menu.

Dashboard overview panelThe most important functions of your dashboard at a glance.


The Customizer allows you to quickly change theme settings and site information.

customizerscustomizersResponsive preview in customizerResponsive preview in customizer

If changes are not visible in the Customizer after saving, you must select the “Publish” action in the Customizer using the settings wheel at the top right. You can then go live with all changes by clicking the “Publish” button.

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