Kirby as a WordPress alternative: Operate fast websites without a database

Table of Contents

  1. Kirby as a WordPress alternative: Operate fast websites without a database

    • TXT instead of SQL

    • Kirby 3.0: Safe and beautiful

  2. Install Kirby

  3. develop locally

  4. Folder as database

  5. Build page templates

  6. Snippets for Code Blocks

  7. Use blueprints to customize the panel

Kirby isn’t just a ball-shaped video game character, Kirby is also a content management system (CMS) that doesn’t have a database as a special feature. It’s fast, light and versatile – web developers enjoy great freedom in template programming. This makes Kirby ideal for a wide variety of projects, whether it’s a blog, portfolio, company website or a directory of strange video game characters. All of this can be implemented quickly with Kirby, as long as you are not afraid of HTML and some PHP. But there are also many ready-made parts and templates that can be used to quickly get a website online without having to do a lot of coding. The community provides suitable extensions for special cases.

More on web development

Kirby is a success story from Germany that began exactly ten years ago. Since then, the CMS has established itself worldwide as a popular alternative to WordPress or thick ships like Typo3. The website catalog “Made with Kirby” lists diverse projects and shows the possibilities of the CMS. What is particularly impressive is that there was only one developer behind Kirby at the beginning: Bastian Allgeier. He now looks after the CMS and the community together with a small team.

Admittedly, absolute beginners have it easier with WordPress – with website builders like Squarespace, Jimdo or Wix anyway. Kirby is aimed more at web developers and HTML-savvy designers who don’t want to accept any restrictions. This freedom has its price: A Kirby license costs just under 118 euros per website (including sales tax). Discount campaigns take place regularly, and there are also free licenses for students, learning projects, charities and NGOs. The test run doesn’t cost a cent: You can try Kirby extensively without a time limit and check it without restrictions before you pull out your credit card.

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