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Malware and hacker attacks are no longer just a Windows issue – Linux servers are also increasingly coming under fire. The iX workshop hardening Linux servers covers the security of Linux servers comprehensively over five days. The spectrum of topics ranges from physical security and access control mechanisms to intrusion detection and penetration testing.

You’ll learn how to encrypt data and secure network services, set up advanced methods of access control like two-factor authentication, and leverage Linux security frameworks like SELinux and AppArmor. The program also includes the analysis of log files of security-related incidents and the use of intrusion detection. You will also receive a theoretical introduction to penetration testing for the targeted detection of security gaps.

Trainer Florian Winkler has been a Linux consultant and trainer at B1 Systems since 2014. His main topics are in the areas of configuration management, DevOps, deployment, security and automation. The iX workshop will take place from September 5th to 9th as an online course via video conference in a remote classroom at B1 Systems.

So that you can try out what you have learned in this workshop and lend a hand yourself, you will be given ssh access to the Linux systems provided for this purpose. The workshop is interactive: You can ask the speaker questions at any time and exchange ideas with the other participants. In order for this to work well, the group size is a maximum of 15 people.

If you book by August 8th, you will receive a 10 percent early bird discount. We also offer this safety training in November (dates can already be booked).

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