IT specialists wanted!  – there are a particularly large number of vacancies in these areas

IT specialists wanted! – there are a particularly large number of vacancies in these areas

IT is one of the fastest growing sectors. This trend has been going on for some time. New technologies and ongoing digitization are even reinforcing this development.

This article introduces some interesting careers and new tasks in the field of IT that are sure to be future-proof.

Job exchanges for computer scientists – find interesting jobs in a targeted manner

If you are looking for a new job in the IT sector, you should use the Internet. There are job exchanges that specialize in jobs in the IT sector. Such industry-specific job offers on IT job exchanges offer many interesting options. There is also a large selection here, because companies also rely primarily on such job exchanges. Especially when it comes to filling very specific positions with a demanding profile. There are usually very few suitable candidates for these positions. In addition, there are also a large number of other interesting IT jobs on these exchanges, which are suitable, for example, for job starters or career changers. That’s why IT job exchanges are the right place to go if you’re looking for specific jobs in the IT sector.

IT security – a sector with rapid growth

Within the IT sector, IT security is one of the fastest growing areas. This is due to the increasing threats from cybercrime and ongoing digitization. Every second company is now affected by cyber attacks.

More and more companies need help with ransomware. Attacks of this type threaten entire networks and digital data. Companies are also increasingly dependent on digital systems. Many tasks in day-to-day business depend on software or hardware. It is therefore important that the systems are protected against failure and especially against cyber attacks with ransomware.

Various IT security specialists ensure protection and data security. Even medium-sized companies now have their own IT security officer. This position comes with a lot of responsibility and freedom, which appeals to many job seekers. In addition, there are many positions directly with companies that offer IT security services. Penetration testers work here, for example. These test company networks for security and look for weak points in systems. The IT forensic scientists are the digital version of trackers. After cyber attacks, they analyze the logs, look for traces and thus reconstruct the attacks by hackers.

If you prefer to work directly with people than with machines, you might find a position as an awareness trainer interesting. These IT specialists train company employees on IT security.

Artificial intelligence – still nothing works without humans

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the technologies that is poised to revolutionize the future. Digital systems that make independent decisions and are capable of learning have the potential to take on many tasks.

In fact, it requires capable AI architects and developers to design the right applications. In these professions, it is important to put oneself in certain scenarios. It is often necessary to replace or supplement an existing process with artificial intelligence.

The great future of this area is shown, among other things, by the fact that BioNTech and Deutsche Bahn are investing in artificial intelligence.

Virtual realities – new challenges and jobs

Digitization is constantly creating new job profiles, and this includes the field of virtual reality in particular. VR systems have established themselves on the market in recent years. There are more and more possible applications, with augmented reality also playing a major role. As a VR or AR developer, it is your job to construct the right applications for practical use. Imagination and practical thinking are required here.

Application development is changing

Software and application development is one of the oldest areas within IT. Nevertheless, this professional group is constantly changing and developing. Currently, it is primarily the individual application development that acts as a job engine. Thanks to techniques such as no- and low-code, it is possible to develop a suitable application for every task.

Cross-platform application development for Android and iOS is also a task that requires talented programmers. The mobile sector in particular, with its constant need for ever more powerful apps, opens up interesting options for jobs.

Professions in the field of big data analysis

Big data has recently become one of the buzzwords in IT. It refers to the mass of digital information available to any business, but which often goes untapped. However, important information can be extracted from the data if it is properly sorted and, above all, analyzed.

There are many exciting jobs in the field of big data analytics. This includes, for example, the Big Data Engineer. This drafts a strategy for the storage of data within a company or network. He has an overview of the available information and implements systems for big data analysis. He provides management or marketing with helpful reports that provide information about internal processes.

The Big Data Scientist concentrates fully on the evaluation of numbers and data. He designs customized algorithms for big data analysis. In this way, it helps to draw even more precise and meaningful information from the data.

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