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WordPress has been the basis for 25% of all websites for more than 13 years. It was installed more than 46 million times in the last year alone. But the program’s success has two sides. In addition to the high installation and consumer numbers, this level of awareness also attracts many hackers.

If you found a vulnerability in WordPress, you could apply it to thousands upon thousands of systems. An attack here promises more damage and, among other things, more financial success than attacking other lesser-known systems.

But is WordPress therefore less secure than other systems?

No. WordPress basically comes without serious security gaps. The system is always kept up to date with updates.
But if you use dubious plugins or a third-party theme that has security gaps, you obviously make it easier for hackers. Insecure passwords, missing updates and the use of public or unencrypted networks also help hackers gain access faster.

How to prevent hackers

WordPress has one major advantage. Many companies and security providers specialize in the system and find potential security gaps more quickly. These are always closed in regular updates. Many other systems do not have this. Therefore, WordPress should always be kept up to date, plugins and themes should be updated, a daily backup should be set up and directory rights should be restricted at server level.

If you download a plugin, pay attention to the number of downloads. That can minimize the risk. One WordPress agency with experienced developers knows reputable plugins, good themes or safe alternatives and can advise you on this. You should also separate WordPress from your transaction system. This brings a safer, more stable transaction system.

Especially with Woocommerce (a popular shop system that only works in connection with WordPress) you should research well which plugins you are using.

However, if you want to use the full potential of the system, the risk of a hacker attack can never be 100% ruled out. But that applies to every CMS.

Our conclusion

WordPress is a secure CMS! It is far more tested and safer than many other systems. The main victims of a hacker attack are inexperienced website operators who have created their own website and neglected the issue of security.
Protect yourself against hacker attacks and minimize the risk. Leave the task to us to create a reputable site for you, with tested plugins and specially created themes. According to your ideas and wishes, of course.

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