Is WordPress free? Ways to use WordPress for free

The site, operated by WordPress developer Automatic, uses various Complete packages for WordPress offered. With the “Free” plan, you can create a WordPress site that is completely free – but only with significant restrictions: You can neither select an individual domain nor make settings to the code and design. In addition, the support is limited and WordPress advertising is displayed on your later website. So using WordPress for free in this way is only recommended if you want to create a simple private WordPress blog.

If you want to hide the ads, use an individual domain and use more extensive functions, plugins and themes, you have to decide on a paid package. Start these at 4 euros a month – the most expensive solution is the e-commerce package for 45 euros per month. However, in order to really be able to exploit all the possibilities and advantages of WordPress, it is always advisable to use the freely available WordPress code.

The table below summarizes the offering, gives the maximum ranges for the packages on and from when a function is given. This is contrasted with the use of the original code, in which there are some mandatory and optional costs exist, which we will explain further in the following sections.


0 – 45 euros/month

.de domains from 1 euro/month

web space

up to 3 GB free of charge, after that from 4 euros/month

from about 4 euros/month for 50 GB


from 8 euros/month

free and paid


from 25 euros/month

free and paid

Advertising by WordPress

from 4 euros per month ad-free



from 45 euros/month

free and paid

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