Install WordPress with the 5 minute install

1. Download WordPress 📥

In order to install WordPress, you must first download the system files. This works best on the German WordPress website:

The download is of course free of charge and should be completed within a few minutes with a stable internet connection.

Download WordPress

Once WordPress has downloaded, unzip the .zip file.

2. Set up MySQL database 💾

The data for the MySQL database is provided to you by the hoster. You should set up a new database for your project or WordPress installation. The best way to do this is while waiting for the WordPress .zip file to finish downloading. To do this, log in to your hoster and follow the instructions in the “Databases” menu item.

Create WordPress database

Set up WordPress database

Do not forget to write down the access data, as these will be requested later when setting up WordPress.

Install WordPress database

3. Change wp-config-sample.php 🧑🏽‍💻

Next, open the WordPress folder you downloaded and look for the file with the name wp-config-sample.php.

wp-config sample WordPress

Rename this file as follows: wp-config.php.

wp-config WordPress installation

Then open it in a text editor such as Notepad, TextEdit or Notepad.

Install WordPress

Now look at the following three places in the file:

  • define('DB_NAME', 'datenbankname_hier_einfuegen')
  • define('DB_USER', 'benutzername_hier_einfuegen')
  • define('DB_PASSWORD', 'passwort_hier_einfuegen')

Enter the parameters belonging to your site (i.e. database name, username and password).

You should then generate a series of new security keys so that nobody gains unauthorized access to your website or your WordPress installation. You can get the security keys via the WordPress Salt Keys Generator – simply enter the newly generated keys in the appropriate placeholders and you’re done.

4. Upload WordPress files to the server via FTP 🔄

So that you can now upload the WordPress files to your web server, you not only need the data for FTP access, but also an appropriate program. There are various options to choose from – FileZilla Client is particularly popular:

Open the corresponding client and enter your access data there. If you are connected to your server, you now upload all files and folders downloaded from WordPress. Important: This only means the unzipped files and folders, i.e. the directory.

In other words: only load the folders wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes and all files, but not the WordPress folder itself.

Install WordPress FTP

5. Setting up the website 🎨

While installing WordPress doesn’t actually take five minutes (as advertised by the makers of the open-source system), if you’ve done all the steps up to this point, you’ve already got most of it done. As soon as all files have been uploaded to the server, you can simply call up your domain in the browser as usual. A WordPress form will open. Here you set all the important parameters for your new website and then WordPress is already installed.

Set up WordPress

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