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WordPress is an open source software that many people around the world use for their content. In 2021, around 455 million websites will be based on WordPress. also uses the platform. But not only websites, blogs and apps can be operated with WordPress, but also online shops. Today I will show you how to run WordPress locally on your PC and set up a shop.

Install WordPress locally with Bitnami

First of all, the content management system has to come to your PC. A simple method is the solution via Bitnami. Alternatively, you can also get WordPress onto your computer via XAMPP, which I have already described in another post.

Today I will introduce you to the option using Bitnami.

To do this, first follow the link Once on the page, scroll down briefly. There are three download windows available. Select the “Download for Windows 64 bit” button.

The best way to install Bitnami is to create an account on the platform. The corresponding window opens automatically after clicking on the download button.

The account can be opened using your own Facebook, Google, GitHub, Yahoo or Microsoft account. If you don’t want that, just choose the last option and start the download without a Bitnami account.

After an account has been created, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. In addition, newsletters and other information can be accepted or rejected.

If the desired fields are clicked on and accepted, the download of the 232 Mbyte file starts automatically.

After opening the file, a security message appears that must be confirmed.

Then the language is selected. The following languages ​​are available:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian/Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Hebrew
  • German
  • Romanian
  • Russian

Once the language selection has been made, a warning may pop up. Because if an antivirus program is running, it can delay the installation. The system indicates this. However, I didn’t find any problems with mine. Despite the antivirus being active, everything worked perfectly.

The next step is the setup. An assistant guides you through the process.

Clicking on the “Next” button scrolls through the pages. First, the components to be installed are selected.

In addition to WordPress, PhpMyAdmin is also available. This is a tool that helps to manage MariaDB databases. PhpMyAdmin is written in PHP and helps to improve performance.

Once the selection has been made and confirmed, the desired folder for saving the installation file must be specified.

Then the administrator is named, for which various information must be provided. You will be asked for your name and e-mail address, as well as for a login and password.

Once all the information has been entered and the continue button pressed, you can add your own name for the blog or the shop.

Especially with an online shop it makes sense if e-mails can be sent. It is therefore advisable to select the appropriate SMTP setting in the next step. Either Gmail or another custom option can be entered as the email provider.

Then the desired e-mail address including the password must be entered.

Bitnami also offers cloud hosting. If you would like to find out more, please tick the appropriate box on the next page.

This completes the last step. The installation can be completed.

The installation starts automatically and the progress can be observed on the bar.

The process may take a few minutes. If it is successfully completed, another message appears.

Continue to use the existing website

If you already have a blog or website, you can of course continue to use them. Bitnami provides its own migration plugin for this purpose. It is important to save all data from the previous website beforehand and to create a backup. If something goes wrong during the migration, the data will not be lost.

If you want, you can also use a WordPress plugin for migration. Among other things, the “All-in-One WP Migration” tool is recommended. It has proven itself since 2013. According to their own information, over 60 million websites were transmitted with it. This is a tried and trusted tool that is regularly updated. It is practical that All-in-One WP Migration is now available in 52 languages. German is of course also included.

Set up an online shop in WordPress

Once WordPress is installed on the Windows computer, you can create your own online shop. Fortunately, no great programming knowledge is required for this either. There are excellent plugins that can be used.

A pioneer is WooCommerce. The system was created specifically for WordPress. In the basic version you get it for free. There is even a version for the German market. The name is WooCommerce Germanized. Many functions are also available there free of charge. But if you want sample texts for the terms and conditions and other features, for example, you have to buy the Pro version.

Alternatives to WooCommerce include:

Alternatives to your own online shop via WordPress

Especially at the beginning of the sales activity, a separate online shop does not necessarily have to be created. We have seen that installing the products is child’s play. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of time and effort to create a finished online shop.

If you want to test your products on the market first, you can try different providers. Spreadshirt has produced some fascinating success stories in the textile sector. Paper designers are currently using the reach of Meine Kartenmanufaktur to sell their products as widely as possible. In addition to the specialized shop providers, there are also platforms such as Etsy for a wide range of products.

The use of an external online shop is worthwhile because there is hardly any risk involved. If you want to establish yourself on the market, you can claim the reputation of Spreadshirt, Etsy and Co. and thus reach a broad audience. The shipping is partly handled externally, so that the seller does not necessarily have to take care of it. However, the exact conditions depend on the respective platform. Of course, the service is not free. There are sometimes hefty fees for using the surfaces.

The advantages of having your own online shop

If you create your own online shop, you are completely flexible in your orientation. Design and content can be changed at will. You are also able to offer your own shipping conditions. Because there are no fees for the shop platforms, there may be more revenue left over.

The shop owner also has the option of addressing his target group individually. The marketing measures can be tailored more precisely. In this way, customers can also be retained in the longer term.

If the conditions on the platforms change, the shop operators there are at their mercy. In their own online shop, the owner makes the rules and can work in the most efficient way for himself.

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