WordPress in 5 Minuten installieren

Install WordPress – set up in 5 minutes

There are many ways to install WordPress. Many hosters now bend installations directly from the hosting administration. The following instructions explain the installation via popular hosters such as allinkl or webgo. At the end we explain the installation independently of hosting providers but directly via FTP and database, which always works in any hosting environment.

If you install WordPress through hosters like allinkl or webgo, the installation takes less than 5 minutes. If you install WordPress manually, the installation only takes 5 minutes, even for beginners, maybe a little longer. In any case, you should follow the steps below one by one, then the installation will be done quickly.

WordPress installation via all incl

You must first log into your all-inclusive account. As soon as you are logged in, you have to go to the KAS account, which is hidden in the “Technical administration” menu item.

If you then get to the technical area via the “KAS Login” link, click on the “Software Installation” menu item roughly in the middle of the navigation bar.

Step 1: Choosing WordPress

You will then see a whole handful of modules and CMS systems that can be installed with a click. The latest version of WordPress is then listed under “Blog”, which you then select and confirm with “Next…”.

Step 2: Choosing the domain

Install WordPress on All-Inkl.com: Select domain

Step 3: Create database

The third step is to create the database that WordPress needs. To do this, click on the “Databases” link in the menu column and then on “Create database”.

Install WordPress on All-inclusive: Create database

Use a reasonably secure name, such as a combination of numbers and letters. The comment is only optional.

In any case, select “Only local access (localhost)” to restrict access from outside.

After submitting the information, a confirmation screen will appear with automatically assigned database name and username:

Step 4: Enter credentials

Install WordPress: Enter credentials

In the overview of the software to be installed, steps 1 to 3 are repeated again.

Now the login information for the admin area.

  1. the User name should not be a simple word, eg name or anything else, but always a combination of lowercase letters and numbers, eg mueller013
  2. Use one secure, long password. An ideal password will be suggested to you via “generate automatically”. Please write down and save the password separately.
  3. give one Valid Email Address on.

WordPress sends important information relating to your website (e.g. automatic security updates or contact forms) to this address. The e-mail then functions as the admin password for your website.

Step 5: Wait a moment and then log in to the backend

After clicking on “Start installation now”, you have to wait a few minutes until the installation is complete.

WordPress installation via webgo

Step 1: webgo web space admin

After logging in at webgo.de, you must click on the webspace Admin in the administration.

Step 2: 1Click Install of WordPress

Clicking on the “1Click Install” menu item in the Package Management tab takes you to the quick installation of various modules and also WordPress as a blog. Click on “to install” on WordPress.

Step 3: Install WordPress on domain

In the third step, you specify all the data for the new website:

  1. First select a domain from the created ones where WordPress should be installed.
  2. The target directory is the path under which the domain is then accessed. We recommend using the domain yourself, such as /domainname.de.
  3. Then set the checkmark “Forward domain to installation directory” to “on”.
  4. Choose your desired blog title
  5. Choose the email address of the administrator
  6. Choose a WordPress password (a suggestion will be generated and displayed directly)
  7. Choose a WordPress user
  8. The database name and the user of the database are automatically assigned
  9. Choose a password (or generate a secure one)
  10. Confirm the chosen password
  11. Click Install below

Then, after a short wait, you will receive confirmation of the successful WordPress installation.

Install WordPress manually

Even if some hosters offer 1-click installation for WordPress, you can of course always install WordPress manually. To do this, WordPress data must be downloaded, unpacked, then created manually and finally a connection to the database made in wp-config.php. We will clarify how this works in detail in the next few steps.

Step 1: Download WordPress

Download WordPress on WordPress German.

Step 2: Unzip the archive

Unpack the file with e.g. 7-zip (free on Chip.de) or other unpacking programs. To do this, select a new directory on your computer so that the WordPress data can be unpacked here.

Step 3: FTP login and data upload

Log in to your server using FTP. You can obtain the data for this from your hosting provider.

Then upload all the data from the unpacked directory (not including the directory name!) to the web space of your desired domain from your host.

Step 4: Create MySQL database

Now you have to create a new database with your hoster. This differs somewhat depending on the hoster, but should be found quite quickly in the administration under menu terms such as “MySQL databases” or just “databases”.

To create a database, you must always specify:

  • a database names: Enter a memorable name here, preferably without umlauts and in lower case
  • one table prefix: wp_ is usually given here. To protect it, change this prefix slightly, for example to rob_ or whatever (do not use special characters), but always remember to include the underscore at the end
  • a username: if not specified directly by the hoster, do not use words that are too simple, if possible, always without umlauts and capital letters, eg robin1022
  • one password: if not specified directly by the hoster, use a complex password with special characters and upper and lower case for protection, such as afj75zthojö9p#sdd!!*s
  • Make a note of this data

In the last step, the database data is linked to the wp-config.php file in the main directory. This is done using a standard WordPress installer by following the steps below:

Step 5: Call Browser URL

Call up the URL in your browser: www.yourwebadresse.de/wp-admin/install.php, where of course you match your web address with your domain.

Then the following screen appears:

WordPress installer screen 1

2. After clicking on “Let’s go!” the following screen appears:

Step 6: Set database connection

WordPress installer screen 2

Now enter the predetermined information one.

As a rule, leave the entry “localhost” for the database host. This means that the database is hosted locally on the same server as your data. This is also “better” than an external address in the form of an IP (you will then receive the data from your hoster). On the one hand, another connection to a server means a possible speed brake, on the other hand, another uncertainty factor against external access.

After entering the appropriate data, you will receive a confirmation on the screen that the installation is now running:

WordPress installer screen 3

Step 7: Specify administrator login data

Shortly after clicking on “Perform installation”, the installation is complete and you can Login data for the administration area indicate:

WordPress installer screen 4

  • Website title: here you enter the title for your website. This can also be changed later.
  • User name: use a username you can remember. However, it is best not to use the same username as on other websites so that if data is leaked from one website, it is not easy for hackers to hack into your other websites. We always use a combination of website URL + name + standard special characters.
  • password: an automatically generated password is specified here, which we would also recommend for security reasons. But you can of course also change the password. For security reasons, however, you should use at least 16 characters and special characters. In any case, try to use passwords that display “strong” on a green background.
  • Your e-mail address: The specified e-mail address is set for you as the administrator of the website. This should also be set up in any case, since the forgot password function, for example, uses this e-mail address.
  • Visibility for search engines: If you want to set up the website first before it is published (recommended), you should check the box that the website is not indexed for the time being. Of course, you can change this at any time afterwards under “Settings / Reading” in the administration.

After clicking on Install WordPress, there will be a redirect / direct reference to the login for your website, where you can then log in with your previously defined user name and password. WordPress is now successfully installed.

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