Install WordPress plugins – ThemeZee

This tutorial briefly explains how to install plugins on your WordPress website, such as your purchased Pro versions or other ThemeZee add-on plugins.

Don’t forget to backup before installing the plugin

Normally, WordPress is very stable software and a plugin installation almost never fails, but it’s still highly recommended that you take regular backups of your WordPress site – just in case. You can use the free BackWPup plugin or one of the many alternative plugins for this.

Download purchased plugins

At the beginning you need the plugin as a .ZIP file. You can download your purchased plugins at any time in your ThemeZee account. Please note that the download file is already a finished .ZIP file, which you can use directly for the installation in the WordPress backend.

Danger: Some browsers (eg Safari) support automatic unpacking when downloading .ZIP files. As a result, you will receive an unzipped folder after download and not a .ZIP file. This feature should therefore be disabled before downloading the plugin.

Install plugins with the “Upload plugin” function

To install the plugin in your WordPress backend, first go to Plugins → Install.

On the site you can browse and install all plugins from However, to install a plugin directly with an existing .ZIP file, click Please click on the “Upload plugin” button at the top next to the heading.

After that you can yours downloaded plugin (.ZIP archive file) and click on “Install”. WordPress will automatically upload, unzip and install the zipped plugin.

plugin zip file

For the installation, WordPress must access the web server in order to copy the required plugin files into the WordPress folder. Under certain circumstances, WordPress will ask for the FTP access data. You get this from your web host.

Activate plugin

After you have successfully installed the plugin, it only needs to be activated before it can be used. To do this, go back to the Plugins page in your WordPress backend, which shows a list of all installed plugins.

With a short click on “Activate” the plugin can now be activated.


Video tutorial

A video tutorial (in English) for installing plugins can be found here: