Install WordPress plugins: 9 great additional functions

WordPress plugins are an ingenious invention. There is no easier way to integrate important additional functions into WordPress.

In this exciting article, I’ll show you how to create a Install WordPress plugin can. I will also introduce you to the 9 indispensable additional functions of WordPress. You just have to know these because they make your work easier and provide many great functions.

The best WordPress plugins

Before I introduce you to the individual plugins in detail, a brief overview. I use the following plugins for almost all my WordPress websites and they are a great help:

  1. YoastSEO
  2. TinyMCE Advanced
  3. Thrive Themes
  4. OptimizePress
  5. Broken link checker
  6. Limit Login Attemts Reloded
  7. WP Rocket
  8. imageify
  9. Digimember

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress is software that you can use to create a website or blog. However, if you have a little more demands, you will quickly reach your limits with the standard functions.

This is why plugins exist. This allows you to add useful additional functions to your WordPress website. Here are some practical examples:

  • You want to create a members’ area in which you make certain content available to certain (only authorized) people. Accordingly, you need a member plugin.
  • You do marketing with your website and want to create an attractive landing page or sales page. You need a suitable design tool for this.
  • On the subject of security: Do you want to protect your website from malicious attacks? There are now some great plugins that you can use to make your website more secure.
  • If you want to create an online shop, there is also a corresponding extension for that.

You can put these and many other tasks into practice with a WordPress plugin.

Install WordPress plugin

Installing a plugin is very easy. There are basically 3 different approaches:

There are countless free plugins available for WordPress. You can easily install this by searching for the appropriate plugin in the WordPress backend under Plugins – Install. Then click on “Install now”. Basically every plugin is deactivated after installation. In order to be able to use it, you have to click on “Activate” under the menu item “Plugins” for the relevant plugin.

After activation you will find a new menu item (under Settings or Tools) where you can set the settings for the WordPress plugin.

Install the plugin file in the WordPress backend

There are also numerous plugins (free and paid) that you can download from various websites. You will usually not find these in the plugin search in the WordPress backend. After downloading the file, you can install the ZIP file directly in WordPress.

To do this, go to Plugins – Install and click on “Upload”. Select the appropriate file and then click on “Install Now”. After installing the WordPress plugin, you must activate the plugin as described in the first procedure.

Install plugin file via FTP program

Alternatively, you can unpack the ZIP file on your PC and upload it manually using your FTP program. To do this, load the folder containing the plugin files into the WordPress directory “wp-content/plugins”. The result is the same. After the upload you still have to activate the plugin and the new functions will be available to you.

Please note

If you want to install a WordPress plugin, you should pay attention to a few points. Check which version the plugin is compatible with so there are no complications. In addition, you should back up your website data before installing the plugin.

9 Best FREE WordPress Plugins

The 9 Best PREMIUM WordPress Plugins

All WordPress plugins in detail

In the following, I will introduce you to 9 really must-have WordPress plugins in detail. Some of these are available for free, others are paid.

Just take a look at these additional functions and decide for yourself which ones you want to use from now on.

#1: YoastSEO (Free)

YoastSEO is a very popular SEO plugin. SEO means “search engine optimization” in German. With this plugin you can optimize your WordPress website and achieve better rankings. The higher you are positioned in Google with your keywords, the more visitors you will get.

The basic version of the YoastSEO plugin is free. There are already many important additional functions available to you. If you want to have all functions unlocked, you can opt for the premium version.

Link: YoastSEO

#2: TinyMCE Advanced (Free)

In contrast to the standard editor, the TinyMCE Advanced offers you many great functions. Finally, the editor in WordPress plays an important role. Thanks to the many functions, you can create your texts quickly and make them appealing.

In addition, you can arrange the individual functions (buttons) in the settings in the way you like best and you can work most effectively.

#3: Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes consists of several WordPress plugins that complement each other perfectly. In other words, Thrive Themes is an absolute marketing weapon that you should take a closer look at.

Thrive Themes has the following plugins:

  • Architect (drag and drop editor)
  • Leads (lead generation)
  • Ovation (Testimonials)
  • Ultimatum (countdown)
  • Headline Optimizer
  • Smart widgets
  • theme
  • Quiz Builder
  • Comments
  • Optimize (A/B split tests)

In addition, there are many themes for WordPress that harmonize perfectly with the plugins just mentioned.

You can purchase each WordPress plugin individually or purchase them all together in a cheap membership. The solutions just mentioned are ingenious and support you enormously in your work with WordPress.

Link: Thrive Themes

#4: OptimizePress

In the following I would like to introduce you to a similar solution to ThriveThemes. OptimizePress has been around for a very long time and is also a very popular WordPress plugin.

In comparison, OptimizePress offers a little less functionality and is a bit simpler. Ultimately, that’s also a matter of taste. I now use ThriveThemes far more often than OptimizePress on my projects.

Link: OptimizePress

#5: Broken Link Checker (Free)

If you have broken links on your site, Broken Link Checker will let you know about it. Basically, you would need to regularly check your site for broken links. From now on, the aforementioned plugin will take over this task for you.

This allows you to see at first glance which links are not working and you can also fix them immediately. This will optimize your website, Google and your visitors will thank you for it.

Link: Broken Link Checker

#6: Limit Login Attemts Reloded (Free)

If security is important to you, I have another interesting plugin for you. While the WordPress default setting allows users to have as many login attempts as they like, you can limit that with this plugin.

You can increase the security of your WordPress website by limiting login attempts to, for example, 3 or 5 attempts. By the way, you can also set time limits for this.

Link: Limit Login Attemts Reloded

#7: WP Rocket

The loading time of your website plays a crucial role in whether your visitor stays on your website. If it takes too long, the visitor will leave your site very quickly. The loading time is also a ranking factor on Google.

Thanks to the plugin WP Rocket you can reduce the loading time of your WordPress website enormously. Compared to other plugins, WP Rocket is very easy to use and works really well. This allows you to significantly reduce the loading time of your website with just a few clicks.

Link: WP Rocket

#8: Imagify (Free)

Imagify is a small additional plugin from WP Rocket and also very helpful for a short loading time. After you upload an image, Imagify resizes it. This reduces the file size of your image and the loading time is shortened.

Imagify reduces file size right after upload. You can also have all previously uploaded images reduced in size in a workflow. This works great and for you it only means a few mouse clicks.

Link: Imagify

#9: Digimembers

Digimember is a very well-known and popular membership plugin for WordPress. This allows you to protect content from unauthorized access. You can also use it to deliver e-books and video courses fully automatically.

The basic version is free and with that you can test and try out the plugin. It offers many interfaces and is easy to use.

In a protected member area, you can provide your customers with special content and, of course, also deliver digital products fully automatically in this way.

Link: Digimember

FAQ – questions and answers

How do I install a WordPress plugin?

The simplest variant is that you install a plugin directly from the internal WordPress directory. You can do this directly from the backend. If you bought a plugin and received it as a ZIP file, you can upload it via Plugins – Install.

Which plugins are important?

There are many useful and popular plugins. Ultimately, it always depends on which functions you need in detail. Here are a few very popular plugins:

  • YoastSEO
  • Broken link checker
  • Limit Login Attemts Reloded
  • imageify
  • UpdraftPlus
  • WP Rocket (paid)
  • Thrive Themes(paid)

What are the Best Free WordPress Plugins?

I can recommend these free WordPress plugins: Pretty Link, YoastSEO, Table of Contents, Imagify, Limit Login Attemts Reloded, Broken Link Checker, UpdraftPlus, Antispam Bee.

What are the Best Premium WordPress Plugins?

These plugins are the best premium WordPress plugins in my opinion. Some of them are also available in a free version. YoastSEO, WP Rocket, Thrive Themes, Digimember, UpdraftPlus, Gravity Forms, Borlabs Cookie and Imagify.