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Adding plugins to a fresh WordPress installation is quite a hassle. You have to search for each plugin individually and then install and activate it from the administration interface.

It’s much easier if you create ready-made plugin sets for all application areas (basic plugins, security, social media …) and then install and activate them all at once.

I’ll show you how to do that with the WP Core service.

With WP Core you can summarize your frequently used plugins in lists and then install them in WordPress in one go.
All you need is

WP Core Plugin Collection

The plugin sets are created, stored and managed in the WP Core online service. Each set is clearly identifiable by an automatically generated auth code. Using this auth code, the WordPress plugin of the respective blog loads the previously defined list and installs the plugins at once.
Feel free to add a few more plugins to the list – even if there is a “danger” that some plugins are already installed and active. In WordPress you still have the opportunity to exclude one or the other plugin from the bulk installation. And if you overlook one thing – WP Core will notice itself if there is a duplication and skip the plugin.

Create lists in WP Core

Plugin search in WP Coreplugin search

Creating such plugin collections in WP Core is easy. By default, the official WordPress plugin repository is searched. With some plugins, however, the search leads nowhere, although they are clearly represented at wordpress.org.

advanced Plugin search |  WP CoreAdvanced Search

If the plugin is not available in the official repository, you can specify the storage location via the advanced settings and thus add the plugin to the list.
You can later move the plugins to other collections or delete them. A special feature is the release of your own collections, so that other WP Core users can also see what plugins you recommend.

The lists installation in WordPress

Install the plugin as usual. You can then reach it under a separate menu item in the WordPress backend.

After you have entered the key (i.e. the auth code) and this has been recognized, the plugins from this list can be installed at the push of a button.

Key management in WP Core PluginKey management in WP Core Plugin

Already installed plugins are skipped and not even displayed. With the remaining plugins, you can still exclude some from the installation using a checkbox.

Plugin list to install |  WP CorePlugin list before installation

If the installation is successful, you can go back to the plugin list and activate the plugins.

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