Install WordPress on an Ubuntu instance

In this tutorial, you set up an Ubuntu instance using an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier account. Next, install an Apache web server, PHP 7, MySQL, and finally WordPress. Once installed, access the new WordPress installation over the internet. This tutorial includes all the steps required to set up a virtual network, a compute instance, and connect the host to the internet.

The most important tasks include:

  • Set up a compartment for your development work.
  • Install your Ubuntu Linux instance and connect it to your virtual cloud network (VCN).
    • Set up a virtual cloud network in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and associated network services required to connect your host to the internet.
    • set up SSH-encryption key to access your Ubuntu Linux server.
  • Configure ingress rules for the VCN.
  • Configure Apache, PHP 7, MySQL and WordPress on your VM.
  • Connect to the instance over the internet.

Below is a simplified diagram of the setup for the Linux VM.

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