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WordPress is very popular. Most web hosts therefore offer the “One-Click” installation to make it easy for the user. But is this way of installing WordPress really that good compared to the traditional way? This blog post aims to answer this question.

The CMS is installed with one click

It’s not quite that simple after all. And whether you really have full control during the installation also depends a little on the web host. Write permissions for directories and files are often severely restricted. Web hosts often update the versions with a very large time lag, which means that you are working with old versions. This represents a security risk. For these reasons, a one-click installation should be avoided.

Install WordPress yourself at the web host

My headline is ambitious, I admit, but it doesn’t take much longer to install WordPress. It doesn’t even take half an hour to have a full content management system at your disposal. You are now reading how to install WordPress.

Creation of a database

Log in to your web host and create a MySQL database. Make a note of that database names, the username and possibly also the path where the database is located. This data is important for WordPress.

Create FTP access if not already available

If you are working with WordPress for the first time and do not have FTP access to your web host, this must first be created. You also need to sign up with your web host to set it up. Here is the FTP access area. There you will find all the information about your FTP access. In the second step, access is created using File Zilla.

Download and customize WordPress

Download the current version from the website and unpack it on your computer. You can use 7-Zip to unpack.

After unzipping, please open the wp-config-sample.php with a text editor such as Notepad or Notepad. Please do not use Word or Open Office! Now enter your user name, database name and the path to the database in the marked places. Also change the table prefix from for security reasons wp_ to any value, e.g wp_new_homepage. Save the file under the name wp-config.php.


Upload and get started

After the wp-config.php has been adjusted and saved, the entire content of the “wordpress” folder can be uploaded to the web server via FTP access. This only takes a few minutes.

In most cases, the data is stored in the main directory (root). However, I recommend that you store this in a subdirectory to keep the server tidy, as there is often other data on it.

When all the data from the wordpress folder has been loaded onto your web server, you can open your browser and call up your domain. If that doesn’t work, the installation can be started via the install.php page.


A page will then open where you must also enter your user name and database name. Choose a username that not admin means! Otherwise the hacker is right on your side. 😉 The same goes for your password. It should consist of numbers, letters and special characters.

If your installation was successful, you can install WordPress at Go to

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