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Install WordPress 2022 ᐅ The big guide [SUPEREINFACH]

For your WordPress website, I recommend the All-Inclusive tariff Private (or Privatplus). If you are looking for a really professional WordPress hoster, you can also use Raidboxes. Raidboxes even update your WordPress (in the fully managed tariff) and keep it up-to-date and secure. But this hoster is a bit more expensive.

In this guide I will show you how to install WordPress at ALL-INKL:

Of course, the instructions can be transferred to other web hosting providers such as Ionos, Strato, Host Europe, etc. However, I would not recommend this to you!

By the way, I advise against the 5-minute installation of WordPress. Later on, you may reach the limits of your installation. This 1-click installation in some hosting packages is not 1:1 like the WordPress installed by hand.

After you have ordered your domain and the web server, you should be patient. It can take up to 24 hours before your domain can be reached. You can’t install WordPress until then.

2. Create SSL certificate

Every website today should use an SSL certificate. It’s the lock next to your site’s address in the browser. Your address with SSL certificate is https://… instead of http://…

This encrypts the connection between your website and your visitors.

As soon as you have a contact form, an SSL certificate is even mandatory!

In this video I show you how to set up an SSL certificate at All-Inkl:

After registering, you will receive an email from All-Inkl with the subject “Access data and order confirmation customer no. XXXXXX”. In this email you will find your customer number and a temporary password.

You can use these access data to log into the All-Incl MembersArea: https://all-inkl.com/login/

Here you can now create your correct password. Make sure you use a secure password and write it down in a safe place!

If you have the all-inclusive “Private” tariff, go to “Additional options” in the left sidebar. Then you can click “Order SSL extension option”. After two confirmations you have bought your SSL certificate (the SSL certificates are already included in the PrivatPlus tariff).

You should now log into the All-Inkl KAS: https://kas.all-inkl.com/

Here you click on “Domain” in the left side column. In the overview, click on the small icon to the right of the domain (edit).

Here you can activate the SSL certificate. You will be directed to a new page.

Check the “Accept Disclaimer” box and click Submit.

Congratulations! Your SSL certificate is now set up. You should now set the menu to “yes” under “Force SSL”. This means that all non-encrypted requests are also encrypted. Now you’ve really made it 🙂

3. Create FTP access & database on web space

To install WordPress, all you need now is a database and FTP access to upload the WordPress files.

The database stores the contents of your WordPress installation. With FTP access, you can log into your web space and upload files to the Internet.

This video shows you how to set up your database at All-Inkl:

Log into the All-Inkl KAS: https://kas.all-inkl.com/

Click on “Databases” in the left sidebar. In the upper right corner you can now click on “Create new database”.

In the “Comment” field you can enter a little reminder for yourself, so that you will remember later which database this is. Under “Password” and “Repeat Password” enter a secure password (better than mine!) for your new database. Click on the “Save” button.

Your new database has been created. Make a note of the database name, database user and of course your database password!

To create FTP access, click on “FTP” in the left column. Now click on the right icon (“edit”) in the “Action” column in the list.

Here you can edit the main user. Make a note of the server name, user name and assign a new password (also note it down)!

You have now created a database and an FTP user. Great!

4. Upload WordPress to your server

After you have database and FTP access, you can start installing WordPress on your server. The tutorial video shows you how it’s done:

You can download WordPress for free at: https://de.wordpress.org. Click on the button in the top corner and then on the “Download WordPress 5.4.1” button.

A zip file will now be loaded into your download directory. You can unzip this file with Winzip or Keka (for Mac). Later you will upload the unpacked files to your web space at All-Inkl.

Upload WordPress:

To connect to your web space, you need an FTP program. I can recommend Filezilla for this. Download and install the program for free.

After installation, start Filezilla. At the top you see three fields. Fill them out to connect to the web space.

You can find the necessary data at All-Inkl in the KAS. Click on “FTP” in the left side column and then on the “edit” icon in the right column. Now you can see the FTP data that you can enter in Filezilla. You have written down the password in an exemplary manner in a safe place.

If you are connected to the web space, you can load the unzipped WordPress files into your main directory. With all-inclusive, you double-click on the directory with your .de domain. You load the WordPress files into this directory.

Warning: Be sure to delete index.htm and/or index.html from your root directory. However, leave the index.php in the directory!

5. Set up WordPress

Now all you have to do is set up WordPress and you’re done. This video shows you how to do this:

After uploading the files, you still need to properly connect them to the database. But don’t worry: WordPress will do most of the work for you.

Go to your domain. You should now land on the WordPress installation screen. Now all you need is:

  • database name
  • Database username
  • database password
  • database host

… and you’ve reached your goal! You have actually already written down this data in this WordPress installation tutorial. If not, here is the explanation again:

Find out database details in the all-inclusive for the WordPress installation

Log into the KAS of all-inclusive. In the left sidebar you click on the item “Databases”. Here you can see the database name and the user name in the respective column. You have already written down the database password.

You now enter this data in the installation screen of your WordPress installation. All-Incl’s database host is localhost.

Finally, you can change the table prefix to make it harder for hackers to hack your database. Don’t worry: If you always update your WordPress installation, it’s safe! In my article WordPress security I give you additional tips to make WordPress even more secure.

If you have done everything correctly up to here, you will see the following screen:

Then you can enter a title for your website. You can also set the user name and password for access to WordPress here. Write them down in a safe place!

With the button “Install WordPress” you complete the installation of WordPress.

You can now log in with the previously defined user name and password.

You have WordPress installed. Wasn’t that hard, was it?!

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