Increase WordPress upload limit

Some WordPress installations have a fairly low upload limit of e.g. B. 2Mb, so you can not upload large files in the media library.

If you are not sure what your upload limit is, you can check it in the WordPress backend on the page Datei hinzufügen check. There is at the bottom left Maximale Dateigröße für Uploads the upload limit. In the featured image, that’s 200Mb.

Check maximum file size for uploads in WordPress

Online versus offline web space

On-line. With a (good) online web space, it shouldn’t be necessary to increase the upload limit at all. If you do, there is often a corresponding setting in the administration area for the web space. If you can’t find anything there, just ask support. They should know that and often do it for you.

Offline. In an offline web space with XAMPP, the upload limit is sometimes entered as a value that is much too small, such as 2Mb. With XAMPP you can make the necessary changes in the file php.ini make you in the folder c:xamppphp Find. The link below explains exactly how to do this.

After saving the changes, you should restart the Apache web server. With MAMP, the upload limit is usually already set to 32Mb, so you don’t have to change anything.

Increase upload limit

The following article describes the options for increasing the upload limit and what changes you should make:

The problem usually lies in the configuration of the web server and PHP:

I wish you success!

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