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Increase WordPress upload limit [in 10 Minuten]

Since you landed on this article, you must have received the following error message when trying to upload to WordPress:

“[Name deiner Datei] exceeds the upload limit for this website”

This message appears due to the WordPress upload limit that exists for security reasons.

You can increase this limit to allow you to upload larger files.

I’ll show you several ways to do that in this guide.

The WordPress upload limit

“…exceeds the upload limit for this website”, the error message when the WordPress upload limit is too low

The upload limit is a security function of your host’s server. So it is not dictated by WordPress.

It ensures that there is protection against the (unauthorized) upload of large data in order to protect the server.

This time I’m not going to introduce you to a plugin, although there are free ones that want to increase the WordPress upload limit.

There are two simple reasons for this:

For a one-time change like this, it makes no sense to have a plugin permanently & depending on which server your website is on, the plugin cannot access the maximum file size for uploads.

But even without a plugin it’s easy, have your FTP access ready!

Check WordPress upload limit

You can see how high your upload limit is when uploading a new file in the media library. Below the selection button is the “Maximum file size for uploads”.

Every hoster sets its own limits here, all-inclusive for example at 200 MB and RAIDBOXES even at 2 GB.

Check the WordPress upload limit in the media libraryYou see the upload limit in the media library when uploading new files

The right limit

If you encountered the maximum upload limit issue, the limit is obviously too low.

Check the size of the file you want to upload. You can now set the upload limit just above the size of this file (ex: file = 41 mb -> upload limit = 50 mb) and everything will work fine.

But keep in mind that the upload limit is also a security measure. Simply setting it to several gigabytes and leaving it there would be dangerous.

If you don’t know what your real limit is, use 200 mb. This gives you a good balance.

Change WordPress upload limit

There are several ways to increase the upload limit. It depends on what access you have, what your skill level is, and which way works (yes, sometimes one or the other doesn’t work, for various reasons).

Use the path that is most comfortable for you. If in doubt, just ask your hoster, that’s why we start with that.

Ask your host’s support

The easiest (but not the fastest, depending on the host) way to increase the WordPress upload limit is through your host’s support.

Either call and ask for an increase in the WordPress upload limit for your domain xyz.de or write an email / open a ticket.

You can use the following template for this:

Guten Tag,
bitte erhöhen Sie das Upload Limit für meine Domain xyz.de auf 200 mb.
Vielen Dank und freundliche Grüße

Enter your domain in this text and adjust the desired upload limit. However, 200 mb should normally be sufficient for almost all purposes.

Increase upload limit in .htaccess

Log into your server via FTP. In the main directory of WordPress you will find the .htaccess file. Add these two lines there to increase the upload limit. It is best to include the two lines at the bottom of the file:

php_value upload_max_filesize 200M
php_value post_max_size 200M

Increase upload limit in wp-config.php

If you log into your main directory via FTP, you will have access to the wp-config.php file. To increase the upload limit you need this code:

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '200M');

Increase upload limit in php.ini

With hosters that give you access to the php.ini file, you can also adjust the upload limit here. Note that you edit the file in the main directory and there are no other php.ini in subfolders. Use this code in php.ini:

upload_max_filesize = 200M
post_max_size = 200M

Increase upload limit for multisites

If you use a multisite installation, you can go the easy way via the network settings.

Log into the network administration and navigate under “Settings” -> “Network settings”.

There you will find the field “Maximum file size of an upload” with the default setting “65536” kb. This corresponds to 64 MB.

Upload limit setting in WordPress multisitesIn WordPress Multisites you can find the upload limit in the network settings.

Change the number to your desired size. Note that you specify the kilobytes here. For the sake of simplicity, enter 100000 to get 100 mb upload limit or 200000 for 200 mb.

Please note that you can only change the upload limit within the framework specified by the hoster. If you make a change here that has no effect, you will need to contact support.

Leave a comment and let me know what upload limit you have set on your site!

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