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Do you want to increase the maximum file size for uploading files in WordPress? In some cases, the low limit can prevent files, plugins, or themes from being uploaded. A low upload_max_filesize can also be the cause of various other error messages. In this article, I’ll show you how to increase the maximum file size for uploading files in WordPress without having to be a pro.

I have seen numerous guides on the World Wide Web on how to do the
upload_max_filesize for WordPress increases but many of these instructions are outdated and mostly do not work. In this article you will learn how you can independently increase the maximum file size for WordPress (as of 01/13/2019)

How to check the maximum file size for uploading files in WordPress

WordPress automatically displays the maximum file size limit when you upload images or media. To check this, simply go to the Media » Add File page and see the maximum file size for your WordPress site.

There are a few ways to achieve the desired goal, from the wp-config variant to the entry in the htaccess file. Experience has shown that only one variant has worked for me for WordPress:

The php.ini variant:

With your FTP program you now open the php.ini on your web space. You can use Notepad on the PC or the text editor of your operating system.

Before doing this, you should copy and save the entry in your php.ini before making any changes, just in case you want to go back to the initial situation!

In the php.ini then come the following lines, which you can copy completely and paste completely overwriting:

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