große Qualitätsoffensive im Oktober

Improved lightfastness and extended lifespan

Before the year comes to an end, we at will turn it up again and go on the offensive. We pimp our sticker production in both offset and digital printing and ensure improved stickers through higher lightfastness and a longer service life.


light-resistant stickers in front of a sunny Berlin panoramaWith UV offset printing, we ensure that the stickers defy light and weather for longer and that the printing colors are preserved over the long term. That means the colors of your cling film stickers will remain brilliant for months, even if you stick them outdoors.

How it works?
In which we screw on the wool scale. No, we don’t knit. The wool scale is the benchmark for the lightfastness of printing inks. It relates to the pure primary colors black, cyan, magenta and yellow and ranges from WS 1 to WS 8. WS 1 stands for very low lightfastness and WS 8 for excellent lightfastness.

You may have noticed that with posters or stickers, the yellow and red tones always fade first. This can be explained by the fact that most online printers use WS 7 for printing black and cyan and only WS 5 for magenta and yellow.

We now use WS 7-8 for black and cyan and WS 6-7 for magenta and yellow. This means that the outdoor stickers can be used for longer and their service life doubled – and at the same low price-performance ratio as before. The difference can be clearly seen on the test stickers and our shop window:

Test sticker from and competition


Scratch and weatherproof stickers on a rainy backgroundWe also improve the durability of your stickers in digital printing by using a particularly protective laminate (Oraguard 215). It makes your stickers more weather-resistant, scratch-resistant and also ensures a longer lifespan.

If you prefer glossy stickers, the laminate gives them a special shine. With matt stickers, the laminate ensures a high-quality look and, on top of that, a noble feel. It is also good for us and for your glue that it is particularly easy to work with, so there are fewer bubbles or air pockets between the sticker and the laminate.

Do you still have questions about our products?
Or special requests that you cannot find in our online shop? Then simply contact our customer advisors by phone, email to or in person during our opening hours in our shop. We would be happy to advise you!

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