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What you can do for your WordPress security

The topic of WordPress security is becoming increasingly important. Anyone who runs a website, whether blog, company website or even online shop, should definitely take care of its security. This applies all the more, the more important the website is for your own business. At worst, security breaches can result in days of downtime or the loss of important data, which can harm business. But why is security such a big topic for WordPress?

The popularity of this CMS, which has been installed millions of times worldwide, also has some downsides. Attackers stand ready to spread malicious software through unsuspecting users’ blogs. You can fall into a trap when installing a plugin from an insecure source, which can result in glaring security gaps. Many a plugin is only programmed and distributed for this purpose. Since WordPress is open source, anyone can develop and offer their own plugins. Above all, this has many advantages, but unfortunately it can also be exploited. Although WordPress regularly provides updates, many users do not carry them out or do so far too infrequently. The updates close newly discovered security gaps and serve as protection. Plugins also have to be updated regularly so that attackers don’t stand a chance.

Find out here what you can do to ensure the security of your WordPress website:

– Security begins when you create your website. Choose your theme and plugins carefully. Check where they come from, whether they have already been classified as reputable by other users or have good ratings. We always recommend pluginswhich we consider to be very safe and well suited, You can also find similar tips on other blogs.

– Use a user name other than “Admin” or your first name for the login. It’s best to choose a username, perhaps combined with a random number, that you don’t use anywhere else.

– Always keep your installation up to date. Update your theme and each plugin as soon as you’re offered it, or allow automatic updates. However, it is better to restrict the rights of wp-config.php and .htaccess, which means that no automatic updates are possible.

– Use sufficiently secure passwords. Always. “Password” or “Hello123” are not suitable. If possible, generate an individual password from a random combination of letters, numbers and special characters for each login account you use. You can save this encrypted in a password manager on your PC, so you only have to remember one password for calling up this program and you have secured all the others. Do you suspect that your passwords have already been hacked? Here’s how to check that.

– Rename the wp-content folder to make it harder for hackers to find your vulnerabilities.

– Protect your admin folder with a .htaccess with a password.

– Install proven security plugins. Do thorough research before installing.

consider: The WordPress security of your website is part of your marketing. This is especially true if you use your blog for your business. For example, if you run an online shop, you will not be able to avoid storing sensitive customer data such as addresses or perhaps even payment data. It is your duty to protect your customers as best as possible. Anyone who acts negligently here may even be liable to prosecution.

Call a Nerd takes care of your WordPress security

If all this is a bit overwhelming for you or if you are worried, we will be happy to help you. You can trust Call a Nerd to take care of WordPress security and concentrate on your core competencies. For a small fee, I’ll take a close look at your website and check your themes and plugins for gaps, take security precautions and make sure that you never lose data again through automatic backups.

Of course, I am your contact for all topics and questions about WordPress security. Just contact me and we will find a solution for your request.

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