HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): Meaning & how to fix the error

Only use this setting to localize the problem. In doing so, they allowed any user to rewrite the file, which understandably poses a security risk.

Next, check (unless the distribution of rights produced the error message) that your scripts are running correctly. Sometimes errors arise because the script files have been moved, renamed, or deleted. Also check those .htaccess file: Even a syntax error – no matter how small it may be – can generate the internal server error. An equally common mistake is incorrect formatting of the .htaccess file. This must be in ASCII or ANSI format be created, not in Unicode. Therefore, write the file in a text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++ or Sublime Text and not in a word processor such as Microsoft Word. To test whether the file is responsible for the error, you can temporarily rename it and reload the website. The server will now not access .htaccess when loading the website. If the error message no longer appears, you can repair the file or create a new one.

Finally, one can Time-out lead to the error message. In this case, it is not a web server error at all, but rather the interrupted connection to an external source. Are your website’s PHP scripts set to access resources from other servers? The resource may no longer be available or the server communication is disrupted for another reason. Of course, one way of eliminating this source of error is not to make your site dependent on outside resources. If that is not possible, you can increase the time limit of your script. In addition, it makes sense to have an efficient error handling installed, so that errors in the PHP script can be detected more precisely.

Could the memory be overloaded? The memory limit determines how much memory a process can use. If more RAM is needed than is available, an internal server error can result. As a temporary solution, you can increase the limit. To do this, add a command like this to php.ini:

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